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Budgeting Made Easy

  • Track Expenses
  • Manage Cash Flow
  • Reduce Student Debt
  • Absolutely Free

Student Budget Tool

The Direct Textbook Student Budget Tool is a free interactive planner that helps you track expenses and income, manage cash flow and plan for a debt free degree.

Budgeting for college is easier than ever.
  • Total all your expenses and find income to cover them
  • Maintain a positive cash flow balance throughout your college career
  • Create a plan to reduce or eliminate college debt
See it in action:

The Student Budget Tool works hand-in-hand with Student Debt Destroyer: 3 Steps to a Debt-Free Degree, a free guide from Direct Textbook that shows you the exact steps you need to take to eliminate college debt. It's easy to use, with complete how-to instructions available here. Have questions? Check out the Student Budget Tool FAQ.

If you're ready to take control of your college budgeting and set yourself up for lifelong financial success, get the Student Budget Tool today!