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Homework Planner Apps: Top-Rated Options to Stay on Task

Inundated with class schedules, exam dates and never-ending homework assignments? It’s easy to be overwhelmed by student life if you don’t have a plan. Stay on task, be on time and never miss a deadline with these 10 homework planner apps.

1. myHomework

Free – $4.99/year | iOS | Android | Mac | Windows | Chrome | Kindle Fire | Online

MyHomework app

Billed as a cross-platform student planner, myHomework automatically syncs your schedule across multiple devices. You can use it to track assignments and class schedules as well as set homework due date reminders.

myHomework offers more than 60 customizable themes to match your sense of style and includes phone, tablet and PC homework widgets so you can view assignments at a glance.

The basic version is free but includes ads. For $4.99/year, you can get an ad-free experience plus additional features like file attachments, external calendar access, planner sharing and homework imports.

It’s available online and via Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Chrome and Kindle Fire. The app has a 4.6-star rating on the Apple App Store and 4.2 stars on Google Play, where some users report issues with receiving notifications.

“This app got me through all of undergrad and grad school. It helped me feel on top of things, like I had everything together. I definitely did better in classes where I used this app to track assignments than ones where I didn’t.” – Vivian Chang via Google Play

2. iStudiez Pro

$0.99/week | $1.99/month | $9.99/year | iOS | Mac | Windows

iStudiez Pro app

Homework planning is at iStudiez Pro’s core, but it goes beyond most planning apps with full-featured scheduling for homework, classes, work and even your social life.

iStudiez Pro allows you to track your grades and comes with a GPA calculator to help you stay on top of your studies. It also lets you set class dates, times, locations and professor names. Live tiles, notifications and alarms remind you about assignment due dates, upcoming classes and other events.

With a paid subscription, the platform automatically syncs between devices – iOS, Mac and Windows – and can be synced with Google calendar as well as other third-party calendar apps. You can also share your schedule with friends and classmates.

iStudiez Pro is free for basic use. A premium subscription grants access to multi-device sync, recurring tasks and the ability to break down large homework assignments into smaller, more manageable sub-tasks.

The app has a 4.4-star rating on the Apple App Store, where some users have suggested simpler assignment entry.

Premium pricing options include $0.99/week, $1.99/month and $9.99/year.

“This app makes my nerd heart sing. I’m a senior in university and I’ve been using my iPad Pro for most of my schoolwork for three semesters at this point, and this app is the first planning app that I have really enjoyed using. Flipping through four separate twelve page syllabi three times a day? Not anymore, suckers!” – ALEXBOBALEXXXXX via the Apple App Store

3. My Study Life

Free | iOS | Android | Chrome | Online

My Study Life app

My Study Life features a student-centric system designed to replace paper planners and minimize time spent scheduling so you can devote more time to studying.

Though traditional task scheduling is included, one of the app’s primary benefits is the ability to set repeating and rotating daily and weekly timetables. That means you can input classes just once to fill out your entire schedule. You can also limit classes to semesters with custom start and end dates, plus block off holidays, vacations and other breaks in your schedule.

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My Study Life makes it easy to assign tasks (like studying) to specific exams, alerts you about scheduling conflicts and sends reminders for incomplete tasks, upcoming classes and exams.

It works both online and off, and automatically syncs your schedule to the cloud so you can use it on multiple devices: iOS, Android and Chrome.

The best part? My Study Life is 100% free. The app has a 4.7-star rating on the Apple App Store and 4.4 stars on Google Play, where a common complaint is that it only shows upcoming assignments and exams for the current week.

“I got A’s bc of this app! This app saved my life and my GPA during a crazy semester. It’s so intuitive to use. I love the color coding. I love the percentage completion. That was so motivating to get things done for a visual person like me.” – mmmoxielady via the Apple App Store

4. Class Timetable

Free – $2 one-time fee | iOS | Android

Class Timetable app

More than 7 million students have downloaded Class Timetable, which offers a simple, color-coded user interface to help you plan and track homework assignments, class schedules and other tasks.

You can categorize tasks to simplify schedule management. For example, you might categorize tasks by school subject, work-related activities or your social life. You can also add notes to tasks.

The basic version is free, but you can pay a one-time $2 fee to access pro features like automatic class notifications, task reminders and timetable export.

Class Timetable is available for Android and iOS. It also has iPad and Apple Watch support. The app earns 4.6 stars on the Apple App Store and a 4.0-star rating on Google Play, where some users complain about the lack of recurring schedules.

“This app is SIMPLICITY itself. This app allows me to organize my day. I have all my classes color-coded. One glance at my watch and I’m off to class ON TIME!!! Then I add my homework assignments (also color-coded).” – Joe Teit via the Apple App Store

5. iHomework 2

Free | $1.99 ad-free | $4.99 6 months cloud sync | $8.99 12 months cloud sync | iOS | Mac | Online

iHomework 2 app

iHomework 2 is more than a homework planner app – it actively encourages you to stay on task and get your homework done on time.

Rather than simply enter an assignment’s due date, you can also enter your planned start and completion dates. The app will remind you when to start. You can also set sub-tasks for each assignment and track your progress to ensure you’re on schedule for your completion date.

The app lets you group and tag assignments, such as for a specific subject, plus track grades with customizable grading scales and weights. Other unique features include in-app messaging to share homework assignments with classmates and course/instructor management: add your class syllabi, course website and instructor contact info for one-touch access.

iHomework 2 is free with ads for iOS and Mac. You can remove ads for $1.99, or get cloud syncing with a premium subscription at $4.99 for 6 months or $8.99 for 12 months. The app has a 4.4-star rating on the Apple App Store, and some users report issues with syncing and crashes.

“This app (which is well worth the subscription), is a micromanaging student’s dream! The integrated grade book, cloud syncing with the Mac version of the app, and hour prediction/agenda tool is vital to my education process.” – AvidInquirer928 via the Apple App Store

6. Chipper

Free | Optional Career Coaching: $50 – $100 | iOS | Android

Chipper app

If you’ve ever felt like your homework assignments are pointless, Chipper might inspire the motivation you need to get stuff done on time.

It’s like other homework planning apps in that you can set your schedule, create tasks and receive reminders, but with one major difference: each assignment and study task is automatically assigned a monetary value that projects how completing it will impact your future earnings.

Of course, it’s not an exact science and all “earnings” are virtual, but visualizing how seemingly-mundane homework assignments contribute to your future success could help end chronic procrastination.

Chipper is free for Android and iOS and offers optional in-app career coaching services ranging from $50 to $100. It has a 4.7-star rating on the Apple App Store and 4.4 stars on Google Play.

Some students say they wish the app had more options for repeating events (like classes scheduled every other day), and the developer intends to add these in the future.

“Best app I’ve found to keep me organized. Love that it ‘pays’ you, and you can set each individual homework assignment. Everything is color coordinated for each class, and their study timer has built in breaks!!! Only downside is that it takes a while to input all your assignments for each class (but that can’t really be helped at all).” – Mia Johnson via Google Play

7. Egenda

Free | iOS | Android

Egenda app

Egenda offers a simple interface that makes it easy to view homework assignments, due dates and overdue tasks.

Add classes and assignments, then sort by class, due date or completion to get a bird’s eye view of all your assignments. You can add notes to any assignment, plus schedule quizzes and tests. The app also sends daily homework reminders.

Egenda is free for iOS and Android. It has a 4.7-star rating on the Apple App Store and 4.5 stars on Google Play. Some users have reported issues with notifications.

“I’ve hopped back and forth (between) planners and different homework apps but never stuck with one more than a couple of months because it was ok but not good enough. This app however is a lot easier to use, notifies me how many assignments are due the next day, it lets me view my assignments as a whole or individually.” – MysteryGaming101 on the Apple App Store

8. School Planner

Free | Android

School Planner app

School Planner is designed with a simplified user interface for fast, intuitive homework planning. Enter your homework assignments, classes, exams and due dates; then, view them in a color-coded daily agenda, weekly timetable or monthly calendar.

In addition to homework planning, the app also features reminders, grade tracking with GPA calculations, instructor contact information, Google Drive backups, notes and lecture recording.

School Planner is free with in-app purchases for Android, though it’s not immediately clear what the in-app purchases are for. It has a 4.6-star rating on Google Play, and some reviewers say they wish timetables were more flexible.

“I get so many tests and assignments every week, it gets hard to keep up, but School Planner has helped me stay on top of everything, and all the other features like adding your grades (marks) has helped keep me motivated.” – Kerynn Fleetwood via Google Play

9. Student Calendar

Free | Android

Student Calendar app

Student Calendar aims to reduce student stress with simple scheduling for homework, exams, classes and other tasks.

The app isn’t bloated with unnecessary features. Instead, it helps you stay organized with task checklists, timetables and daily/weekly/monthly calendar views. Like other homework planner apps, Student Calendar sends notifications to remind you about upcoming events and assignment due dates.

It also comes with grade tracking plus home screen event and timetable widgets.

Student Calendar is free for Android and has in-app purchases (though it isn’t clear what those purchases are). It boasts a 4.7-star rating on Google Play, and a few users report issues with the reminder alarm.

“This is the only school planner app I’ve found that comes close to having everything I want in it.” – Oliver I via Google Play

10. B4Grad

$4.99/week | $6.49/month | $29.99/year | iOS

B4Grad app

B4Grad uses machine learning to show you what you should focus on next. Add your homework assignments, classes, exams, lectures, labs and other tasks, and B4Grad automatically organizes your planner and sets reminders to help you stay on schedule.

The simplified, gesture-enabled interface features color-coded workflows, personalized timetables and calendars, and allows to you attach notes and sub-tasks to your homework assignments.

B4Grad earns an impressive 4.9-star cumulative rating on the Apple App Store, though some users say the app crashes at times or balk at its pricing.

Available only for iOS, B4Grad is a premium app with price points of $4.99/week, $6.49/month and $29.99/year.

“This app has made it so much easier to know exactly what I have do and when it’s needed to be turned in, and I’ve had significant less trouble forgetting assignments.” – Aidan— via the Apple App Store