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Lisa Ann

"I've used DirectTextbook to find the majority of my college books and I'm sure I've saved over $1000 on books because of them in the last couple years. They make finding the best deals so easy! Thanks DT!"

Lisa Ann


"DT found me an economics textbook for $59, saving me $141 when compared to the bookstore price! so amazing :)"


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Bookstore: $131.60

Paid: $15.55

88% Off

Fundamentals of Nursing

Bookstore: $119.00

Paid: $41.90

64% Off

American History

Bookstore: $161.90

Paid: $34.48

78% Off

Critical Thinking

Bookstore: $108.75

Paid: $9.06

91% Off

Cultural Anthropology

Bookstore: $133.40

Paid: $37.33

72% Off

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