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Sell Textbooks Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does Direct Textbook help me sell my textbooks at the highest price?

Direct Textbook is a free service that instantly compares offers between the web's most reputable textbook buyback vendors on a single page. Direct Textbook also allows you to set Buy Back Price Alerts, which notify you via email whenever a vendor offers the price you want for your textbooks.

How do I sell my textbook?

Enter your textbook's ISBN in the search form. Your ISBN (International Standard Book Number) can be found near the bar code and copyright information. Direct Textbook will instantly compare real-time offers from the web's top buyback vendors.

Does Direct Textbook buy textbooks?

Direct Textbook does not buy textbooks. Instead, we connect you with the best-paying and most reputable buyback vendors. Once you see an offer you like, click the Sell Now button. You'll be redirected to the buyback vendor's website to complete your transaction.

How and when do I get paid?

Each buyback vendor has its own policy, but in general you'll be paid electronically via a service such as PayPal. Some vendors include an option to receive physical checks. Most buyback vendors will confirm the condition of your textbook before they submit payment, which can take anywhere from under one week to over a month. Check the buyback vendor's FAQ page for vendor-specific policies, terms, and conditions.

Who pays for shipping?

Most buyback vendors pay for shipping.

How do I ship my textbooks?

Print the shipping label provided by your buyback vendor and follow the vendor's shipping instructions.

What condition should my textbook be in?

Most buyback vendors will only accept textbooks that are in good or better condition. A textbook is considered in "good" condition if it has:
  • minimal highlighting
  • little or no cover damage
  • no torn pages
  • an unbroken spine
  • no water or moisture damage
  • no mold
  • no other stains or smells
Check your buyback vendor's FAQ page for specific textbook condition requirements.

What textbook conditions are considered unacceptable?

You will most likely be unable to find a buyer for any textbook that has:
  • a torn cover
  • broken or major wear to bindings
  • pages missing or loose
  • moisture damage or mold
  • damage from smoke or fire
  • strong odors, including cigarette smoke

What if my textbook doesn't have supplemental material such as study guides and CD/DVDs?

Check your buyback vendor's policies. Some vendors won't buy textbooks that are missing supplemental materials, others will. Others reduce their offers accordingly.

How do I sell multiple textbooks with a single transaction?

If you're selling multiple textbooks to a single vendor, it depends on that vendor's system and policies. If you're selling multiple textbooks to multiple vendors, you'll make individual transactions for each vendor.

What textbook buyback vendors does Direct Textbook search?

Direct Textbook searches the highest-paying and most reputable textbook buyback vendor databases on the web, including:

•  Amazon Trade-In
•  BetterWorldBooks
•  BookHolders
•  BooktoCash
•  Chegg
•  CollegeFocus
•  Powells
•  SellBackBooks
•  Textbook Solutions
•  TextbookRush
•  Bookbyte
•  BooksRun
•  Buyback Express
•  eCampus
•  Mybookcart
•  Textbook Cashback
•  TextbookManiac
•  Valore

What if there is a dispute about the textbook I sell?

In the rare event of a dispute, it's typically because the vendor does not receive the textbook in acceptable condition. Most vendors will not ship your textbook back to you unless you pay for shipping. If your textbook was damaged in transit, you'll have to inquire with the shipping carrier. Always be sure to accurately represent the condition of your textbook in order to receive full, fast payment.

Help! No one wants to buy my textbook!

Textbook buyback vendors are always on the lookout for textbooks that are in demand. It makes sense, because they know they can sell them. Demand for a given textbook depends on the number of students enrolled in courses that require them as well as the number of total textbooks in inventory. If buyback vendors have a large supply of a given title, they're not likely to buy.
No worries. You can still sell your used textbooks on the private market. We recommend the free service

What are Buy Back Price Alerts?

Direct Textbook Buy Pack Price Alerts let you name your price! Once a buyback vendor makes an offer that meets or exceeds your price, you'll be instantly notified via email so you can sell your textbooks at the price you want.

How do I sign up for Buy Back Price Alerts?

Simply search for your textbook by ISBN. On the book description page, look for the box titled Get notified if someone buys for... and submit your price and email address. Alternatively, you can click the Buy Back alert textlink.

Is Direct Textbook safe? Are your textbook buyback vendors safe?

Yes. Since 2002, more than 20 million students, teachers, and parents have trusted Direct Textbook to help sell used textbooks to the most reputable online vendors.

Can I sell ebooks?

In most cases, no. Unlike physical textbooks, ebooks are not able to be sold under First Use laws.

Can I sell international and instructor's editions?

Yes, though they might not command the same price as domestic and traditional textbooks.

Do you have an iPhone app?

Yes, you can download the Direct Textbook iPhone app to find the lowest textbook price any time, anywhere.

I still have questions!

No worries, simply contact us and we'll be happy to help!