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Buy Textbooks Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How does Direct Textbook help me get the lowest textbook prices?
  • What condition will my textbooks be in?
  • How can I search for new and used textbooks?
  • What if my textbook comes in a condition that's different than what was listed?
  • What if I can't find my textbook?
  • Do you list ebooks?
  • What is an ISBN, and how do I find it?
  • What are international editions?
  • Do I buy textbooks directly from Direct Textbook?
  • How do I redeem coupons?
  • What is My DT?
  • Is Direct Textbook safe? Are your booksellers safe?
  • What are Booklists?
  • What booksellers does Direct Textbook search?
  • What libraries does Direct Textbook search?
  • How do I create a Booklist?
  • Who pays for shipping?
  • What is the Direct Textbook Cash Back Program?
  • What payment methods do your booksellers accept?
  • Which booksellers participate in the Direct Textbook Cash Back Program?
  • How soon will my textbooks arrive?
  • What are price alerts?
  • When should I order textbooks?
  • What are in stock alerts?
  • What if my textbooks don't arrive on time?
  • Can I have my textbooks shipped to a P.O. Box on campus?

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