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Buy Textbooks Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does Direct Textbook help me get the lowest textbook prices?

Direct Textbook is a free service that searches more than 200 bookseller textbook listings, then displays the results along with any coupons or Cash Back Program offers so you can get the lowest price for your textbook.

How can I search for new and used textbooks?

Direct Textbook allows you to search for textbooks and filter results by ISBN, title, author, edition, format, publishing date, publisher, keywords and delivery time.

What if I can't find my textbook?

If you can't find your textbook with a basic title or keyword search, try searching by ISBN. It's the most reliable way to search for textbooks.

What is an ISBN, and how do I find it?

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number, and it is a unique number assigned to identify each individual textbook. You can find the ISBN number near the bar code and copyright information of most textbooks. Ask your professor, campus bookstore, or campus library for the ISBN number of any textbook you're having trouble finding.

Do I buy textbooks directly from Direct Textbook?

No, Direct Textbook is not a bookseller. Instead, we gather real-time data from more than 200 of the most reputable online booksellers to help you instantly find the lowest price for your textbooks. Our robust search engine also scours more than 10,000 library databases. Once you find your textbook at the price you want, simply click the Visit Store button to be redirected to the bookseller's product page, where you will complete your transaction.

Is Direct Textbook safe? Are your booksellers safe?

Yes. Since 2002, more than 20 million students, teachers, and parents have trusted Direct Textbook to find the lowest textbook prices offered by the most reputable online booksellers.

What booksellers does Direct Textbook search?

You can find a list of all Direct Textbook approved vendors here.

What libraries does Direct Textbook search?

Direct Textbook ties in to the WorldCat library database, which indexes listings from more than 10,000 physical libraries worldwide.

Who pays for shipping?

Many booksellers pay the fees; any shipping and handling fees that are your responsibility are clearly displayed in Direct Textbook search results.

What payment methods do your booksellers accept?

It depends on the seller, but most accept major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. Some also accept alternative payment methods, such as PayPal.

How soon will my textbooks arrive?

It depends on the bookseller, but in most cases you'll receive your textbooks within seven days. Keep in mind that textbook orders could take up to a day to process before shipping. Some booksellers offer expedited and even overnight shipping, typically for a fee.

When should I order textbooks?

Early. You want to allow plenty of time for your textbooks to arrive. Even though most textbooks arrive within one week, if something delays the shipping process you do not want to start the semester without your textbooks.
In addition, used textbook inventory is limited. Ordering early gives you a head start on other students seeking the same titles and editions, and allows you to get the best price.

What if my textbooks don't arrive on time?

Contact the bookseller immediately. If it is their oversight, they might expedite shipping at no cost to you. Be sure to save all your web and email order confirmations and payment receipts in the rare event of a dispute.

Can I have my textbooks shipped to a PO Box on campus?

To avoid potential shipping problems, it's best to have your textbooks shipped to a physical address where you can receive packages from shipping carriers.

What condition will my textbooks be in?

The condition of each textbook is listed on the bookseller's website. Pay attention to how each bookseller describes its conditions before you buy. In general, you want textbooks that are in good, acceptable, or better condition.

What if my textbook comes in a condition that's different than what was listed?

In this very rare circumstance, contact the bookseller. In addition, always review bookseller return policies and terms and conditions before you purchase used textbooks.

Do you list ebooks?

Yes, Direct Textbook displays ebook (digital) textbook editions alongside its hardcopy search results. Pricing for services such as Boundless, an alternative learning resource, are likewise displayed.

What are international editions?

International editions are initially sold overseas and at cheaper prices than domestic editions. They're typically identical to domestic editions in terms of content, but might be bound differently. Companies can purchase international editions and then sell them in the U.S. at cheaper prices than their domestic versions.

How do I redeem coupons?

Direct Textbook lists any known bookseller coupons alongside each textbook search result. Click on the coupon link for more information on how to redeem specific bookseller coupons.

What is My DT?

My DT is a free service that gives you access to a robust suite of programs designed to save you money and make your search for the lowest-priced textbooks more efficient. Sign up for My DT to enroll in the Direct Textbook Cash Back Program, save Booklists, and receive exclusive coupons and deals.

What are Booklists?

Booklists let you save a list of the books you own, books you have read and want to read, books you need for your classes, and books you want to receive as gifts. You can annotate your Booklist with notes for each individual book. It's a one-stop organizer for all your reading and learning material.

How do I create a Booklist?

Search for your book on Direct Textbook, then click Add to Booklist.

What is the Direct Textbook Cash Back Program?

The Direct Textbook Cash Back Program lets you earn up to 10 percent cash back on textbook purchases from selected booksellers. The DT Cash Back Program also allows you to earn cash rewards for referring friends, completing surveys, and more. Get full program details here.

Which booksellers participate in the Direct Textbook Cash Back Program?

You can view a complete list of the booksellers who participate in either the Direct Textbook Cash Back Program or offer exclusive coupons here.

What are price alerts?

Price alerts automatically email you a notification whenever a textbook drops to a new low price. To sign up for a price alert, search for your book on Direct Textbook, then click Get price alert.

What are in stock alerts?

If a textbook you've searched for is currently out of stock, you can sign up for stock alerts to be instantly notified when it becomes available. Search for your book on Direct Textbook, then click Get in stock alert.

Do you have an iPhone app?

Yes, you can download the Direct Textbook iPhone app to find the lowest textbook price any time, anywhere.

I still have questions!

No worries, simply contact us and we'll be happy to help!