About Us

Direct Textbook features one of the world's most robust book search engines. In addition to its own book database, Direct Textbook returns search results from more than 200 major book databases, including those maintained by Amazon.com, Abe Books, Alibris, and Ebay. The search engine also returns results from WorldCat, a comprehensive database that features listings from more than 10,000 libraries.

Since 2002, Direct Textbook has helped more than 20 million college students, parents, teachers, and other professionals find the best prices on new and used textbooks with an innovative textbook search engine that features:

Instant textbook price comparison search from more than 200 reputable online booksellers - students save up to 90 percent
Free price alerts that automatically notify students when prices drop for needed textbooks
Instant notification of hard-to-find coupons to save even more on textbook purchases
A Cash Back program that reimburses students up to 10 percent of their textbook purchases
Textbook rental search
Textbook sell search that allows students to sell their used textbooks for the highest prices

Direct Textbook also offers two programs for college bookstores to earn more money through online textbook sales by incorporating Direct Textbook's search services into their websites. In addition, Direct Textbook holds three annual student scholarship contests: Essay, Photo Essay, and Haiku

Direct Textbook does not sell textbooks. Rather, it is a textbook price comparison search engine that lets students search for the best textbook prices from the web's most popular and reputable online textbook sellers.

Should you have any questions about Direct Textbook please do not hesitate to contact us.