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Slader Homework Help: Reviews, How It Works & What It Costs

Overloaded with homework, short on time or struggling with knowledge gaps? Slader might be exactly what you need to fill in the blanks and catch up on your assignments. Here’s how Slader works and what it costs, plus reviews to help you decide if it’s worth paying for.

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How Slader works

Slader offers textbook solutions for nearly 3 million problems. Search by ISBN to find your book, then find solutions by chapter, section and exercise number.

You can also browse for homework answers by subjects like upper-level math, high school math, science, social sciences, literature and foreign languages.

Problem not listed? Use Slader Q&A to ask a question. You can choose to remain anonymous or register an account (preference is given to questions asked by registered users, though there’s no guarantee when or if your question will be answered).

Anyone can answer questions on Slader, but the service also has a team of experts who work to verify solutions. Verified solutions are clearly marked, and users can rate and comment on all answers.

Slader is ad-supported (a common user complaint) and offers three subscription tiers: High School, High School+ and College. The High School+ and College subscriptions come with one-sheeters, which let you select a range of textbook solutions and consolidate them on a single, printable page. High School+ is ad-free.

Slader is available online and via iOS and Android apps, which include textbook barcode scanners that simplify solution search.

How much does Slader cost?

The basic version of Slader is free and does not require registration, though it offers a limited number of solutions. Get more features with these subscription tiers:

High School

Free, and includes:

  • High school textbook solutions
  • Expert-verified solutions
  • Slader Q&A

High School+

Pricing options are $4/month or $2/month for a 6-month subscription ($12 upfront). High School+ comes with:

  • High school textbook solutions
  • Unlimited step-by-step expert-verified solutions
  • Slader Q&A
  • One-sheeters
  • Ad-free experience


Pricing options are $8/month or $6/month for a 4-month subscription ($24 upfront). Slader College comes with:

  • College textbook solutions
  • Unlimited step-by-step expert-verified solutions
  • Slader Q&A
  • One-sheeters
  • Fewer ads

Note that Slader College has ads, but if you want an ad-free experience you can bundle Slader College with Slader High School+. The combined price is $12/month or $36 for 4 months of access to both tiers. Given that ads are a common student gripe, it might be worth it to pay a premium to eliminate them.

Slader reviews

Slader has a 4.2-star rating from more than 4,000 reviewers on the Apple App Store and a 3-star rating from more than 6,000 reviewers on Google Play. Here’s what students have to say about Slader.

“Pro Tip: Before Dropping $15 for Chegg, Check Slader.com.” – Redditor jesstmoody

“95% of answers to the Stewart Calculus problems are available on Slader, and the website is still helping me get through Linear Algebra. I plan on filling in some of the website’s missing answers over the summer to make it more complete. Strongly recommend, it’s the broke man’s Chegg.” – Redditor VNVDVI

“Slader is very well organized and if you are using a certain textbook that they have answers for, it will be super easy to go from question to question to find the answers or ways to do the problems.” – Redditor techforlyfe

“If you have a textbook, it’s honestly perfect! It doesn’t bother to just give you the answers, but it explains them too you too, so you can understand next time, which I find handy.” – Rainy Day on Google Play

“The app is very helpful. If I have an issue, I can look the problem up and it shows step by step how to get the answer. This helps me learn easier. However, the ads need work done.” – Luke Fitch on Google Play

“My math teacher doesn’t really cover the subjects very well so this app is basically my teacher.” – Avery Wagler on Google Play

“It’s totally fine to have ads, but when you try to watch an ad here there’s no way to exit it.” – AirBear on Google Play

“I love (it), I just don’t like how it always makes me watch an ad while I’m in the middle of doing my homework.” – Maya Diaz on Google Play

“Out of all the math answer apps I’ve tried, this is my favorite since you don’t only get answers but explanations for most problems.” – Sassy.Cathy on the Apple App Store

“It’s great for students who don’t understand concepts or simply need to look up answers.” – Brownie1555 on the Apple App Store

“This app can be really helpful when I’m confused about how to solve a problem but other times it doesn’t help at all. It really depends on how good the person who posts the answer to a problem is at explaining it. The ads are annoying and pop up after every two or three answers I look at, but I get that the app developers need to make money. My main problem is how much battery this app uses.” – Sapphire a on the Apple App Store

“I love Slader, it always helps with my math. And makes my life easier when I know the math, but don’t have the time to work it all out.” – Pugs are cool on the Apple App Store

Is Slader worth it?

Slader has a lot of free textbook solutions, but it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth paying for premium tiers – especially since you could face academic consequences for using sites like Slader.

Some schools consider Slader cheating, so if you simply copy and paste answers as your own you could get into trouble. In 2020, a teaching assistant at Princeton University caught students cheating by adding an irrelevant theorem to one of Slader’s linear algebra solutions. Students who referenced the theorem had clearly copied their work.

On the other hand, some believe Slader could be a learning resource if it’s not abused: “Are you using Slader for every question to get credit for work? Cheating. Are you trying questions, getting stuck, checking your notes, getting stuck, then using it on one question to figure out what you’re doing wrong? Probably fine,” says Redditor caecias.

Then there’s the issue of paying to access answers Slader was given for free. As Redditor vinc-ere puts it, “I submitted answers on this website. I just feel ripped off. I’d rather be forced to turn off my adblock than pay for something that was free and that I contributed to build.”

Still, with plenty of free solutions and premium plans available for just $2 to $8/month, Slader is a cheaper alternative to Chegg Study’s $15/month service (read our Chegg Study overview). That makes it an attractive option for budget-minded students seeking to supplement their learning with step-by-step homework solutions.