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Chegg Study: Reviews, How It Works & What It Costs

If you’re struggling in class or strapped for time, Chegg Study could help you better understand your subject, find answers fast and improve your grades. Here’s how it works, what it costs and reviews to help you decide if Chegg Study is worth it.

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How Chegg Study works

Chegg Study is comprised of two core services: Textbook Solutions and Expert Q&A.

With Textbook Solutions, you can search for your book by title or ISBN, then browse by chapter and problem number to get step-by-step homework answers. More than 21 million solutions are available for more than 9,000 books. Guided video walkthroughs and additional practice sets are provided for some books.

If Chegg doesn’t already cover your question, you can use Expert Q&A: post or upload a photo of your question, and a Chegg expert will respond with a solution. Experts are available 24/7 and average turnaround time is 46 minutes, so you won’t wait long to get the answers you need.

You can get more homework help by upgrading to the Chegg Study Pack bundle, which includes:

  • Chegg Study: Textbook Solutions and Expert Q&A
  • Chegg Math Solver: Step-by-step math solutions and graphing calculator
  • Chegg Writing: Grammar and plagiarism checker plus paper citation help
  • Chegg Practice: Subject-specific practice exams with step-by-step solutions

Chegg Study is available online and via iOS and Android apps. Note that you can use it on up to 2 devices (registered to your account), and you can swap out 1 device every 30 days.

Chegg Study price

Chegg Study costs $14.95/month and comes with:

  • 5 textbook solution titles per month
  • 20 Expert Q&A questions per month
  • Unlimited access to archived Expert Q&A questions

Chegg Study Pack costs $19.95/month and comes with:

  • 5 Textbook Solutions titles per month
  • 20 Expert Q&A questions per month
  • Unlimited access to archived Expert Q&A questions
  • Chegg Math Solver
  • Chegg Writing
  • Unlimited access to Chegg Practice (subject-specific practice exams)

Chegg Study Pack represents a $14.90 monthly savings over individual subscriptions to Chegg Study ($14.95), Math Solver ($9.95) and Writing ($9.95), which add up to $34.95 purchased separately. You can purchase additional Expert Q&A questions if you use more than 20 in a month.

Note that you can try out some features for free before you subscribe, including Chegg Practice (5 questions per month), Chegg Math Solver (3 solutions) and Chegg Writing (free 3-day trial).

Chegg Study reviews

Chegg Study has a 4.7-star rating on the Apple Store and a 3.9-star rating on Google Play. Here’s what students have to say about Chegg Study.

“It’s incredibly worth it for me because I use the answers and step by step solutions to study for exams and get a little extra practice.”Redditor Technatrix

“100% worth it. Anytime I get stuck on a hard homework problem, or an example just wasn’t explained thoroughly in class. Chegg to the rescue!”Redditor Aina521

“Once you get used to getting all the answers from Chegg, you will get so lazy that you will end up using it for the rest of your college career… it has gotten me through some classes but I still have that feeling that I didn’t learn anything by using Chegg.”Redditor askmeiamanengineer

“The Textbook Solutions are right about 95% of the time, but when they are wrong, it can be really confusing.”Redditor teachingeingineering

“I’ve had it for the last 5 years, totally worth it IMO. More useful than a lot of my textbooks, but make sure you use it responsibly. A lot of my classmates have hurt their own learning (and gotten themselves into trouble) by just blindly copying answers instead of using it as a tool to get unstuck on homework and check answers.”Redditor t1m1d

“… if you become dependent on Chegg to do the homework, you will perform poorly on exams and end up with a poor grade in the class.”Redditor 7ft_Probz

“Chegg > Professor”Redditor pta12

“Too expensive for college students.”iOS user apsasha

“All and all Chegg is an 8 out of 10. I say that because a majority of the time you get the answer you need and the explanation that you need for your question. But there are some cases where the answer is wrong and you take the hit for it.”iOS user All_good_names_taken_V_2_S_5

“Chegg Is amazing, any homework solution I have ever gotten explains the steps perfectly.”Android user Will Woodley

“It helps with certain topics. If you are taking chem or physics and need a little push in the right direction this can go a long way.”Android user Kalei Murphy

“I get more help from Chegg than I do from my professors.”Android user Tim D.


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Is Chegg Study worth it?

It’s up to you to decide whether Chegg Study is worth the monthly investment. In addition to price, you also need to consider whether you will still learn the material or depend on Chegg Study to do your homework for you – which can get you into hot water with your school.

Some schools and professors consider Chegg Study to be a form of cheating – particularly if you copy and paste homework answers to pass them off as your own. In a Forbes survey of 52 college students from 19 different colleges, only 4 said they didn’t use Chegg to cheat.

If you intend to use Chegg Study to cheat, be forewarned: Chegg cooperates with school honor code investigations. If you plan to use it as a learning tool so you can complete assignments on your own, however, it might be well worth the monthly fee.