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The Ultimate Homework Help Guide

You’re overloaded with classes, stuck on a difficult problem or struggling to understand a tough subject – sounds like you could use a little help. Compare your options and find the right homework help for you in our comprehensive guide.

Need homework help right this second? Skip down to see 10 options that offer immediate assistance.

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Online or in person, tutors can help you solve tough homework problems or lend in-depth guidance to help you master any subject. Some tutoring services provide instant help (see below), while others offer ongoing sessions.

Unlike other types of homework assistance, tutors offer one-on-one support and instant feedback. They can walk you step-by-step through problem solving and help you grasp and apply advanced concepts that not only help you complete your homework, but also help you improve test scores.

“Asking for a tutor’s teaching style and method could help determine if they are a good fit. Especially when the problem seems to be theory and the underlying material rather than plugging in numbers to formulas.”Redditor paperrug12

Pricing varies depending on the type of tutor you select (online, local or group tutoring center), tutor experience, duration, grade level and subject complexity. According to Tutors.com, private tutors cost between $25 and $80/hour, online tutors range between $25 and $50/hour and tutoring centers average between $150 to $250 per month.

Use the following resources to find the right tutor for your needs.


Search for local tutors if you want private tutoring; or, search for local tutoring centers if you’re comfortable with a group setting. It’s a good idea to ask questions and make sure local tutors are experts in your trouble subjects.

Your school

Your school might recommend tutors or have its own tutoring center in addition to other helpful resources. Teacher’s assistants, in particular, can be valuable resources.

“Searching for homework help in college should always begin first and foremost with the resources your professor or instructor have provided, like going to your teacher assistant’s office with specific questions or utilizing free on-campus tutoring,” says Jenny Winstead, program manager for LA Tutors.

“Most colleges offer free student access to online education tools and many education apps offer student discounts. Sometimes these resources are detailed in your syllabus. You can also consider working with a private one-on-one tutor who specializes in the subject.”

“I’ve generally found TAs to be helpful, they’re a lot more approachable and less intimidating than professors.”Redditor sidatTBell


Star pupils might be willing to tutor you for a low rate – or they might even offer free homework help.

“There are times when we aren’t present in class, both mentally and physically, and we might miss something crucial that is super essential for executing our homework. That’s when our classmates come in,” says Atta Ur Rehman, a recent college graduate who manages content for Physicians Thrive.

Online tutoring websites

Online tutoring services use tools like virtual classrooms, whiteboards, screen sharing and video chat to facilitate problem solving and learning. Options range from instant, single-problem help to ongoing private tutoring and even reduced-cost group sessions.

Some services, like LA Tutors, match you with the ideal tutor for your grade level, subject and personality. That’s helpful if you’re uncertain which tutor is best for you.

Examples include:

Online tutoring

Local tutor search

Textbook solutions websites

Get answers to specific homework problems on textbook solutions sites. These websites make it easy to look up a problem by textbook – enter the book title or ISBN to see a list of verified solutions, often accompanied by detailed breakdowns. That way you get the answer and an explanation to help you understand how to solve similar problems.

“If you can’t find help within your college’s resources, you can look online for homework help modules your textbook(s) provide or other free tutorials online,” says Winstead.

She cautions that you should avoid “done for you” homework websites: “I would explicitly stay away from websites that claim to offer ‘free’ homework answers, such as writing your essay for you or completing your assignment fully (which may be considered plagiarism if discovered). When in doubt, it’s best to ask your instructor for help before the assignment is due and they’ll likely point you to resources or help you may have overlooked.”

“The website Slader.com is a student run solutions website. Not all books have all the solutions, because they’re submitted and not published, but I found it very helpful.” – Redditor NarcissisticDramaQwn

Pricing typically ranges between $0 and $15/month for access to popular textbook solution sites. If you’re on a tight budget, you can consider taking free trials.

“I’m hugely into using the free trials on premium/paid platforms to get everything I need, and then rotate these trials across platforms in order to save money,” says Will Peach, a medical student who offers study tips at WillPeachMD.com.

Textbook solution options include:


Tools like study guides, online courses and apps augment classroom and textbook learning to help you solve problems and (if you choose) gain deeper subject understanding. Options include:

Study guides and solution manuals

Study guides help you focus on key concepts, which can improve your comprehension, homework speed and exam scores. Solution manuals are physical versions of online homework helpers – they walk you step-by-step through textbook questions and answers.

Find study guides and solution manuals by searching for your textbook’s title plus “study guide” or “solution manual.” Direct Textbook is a good place to start, since our free service will show all available options at the lowest prices.

Self-study apps and websites

Self-study mobile apps and websites can help you quickly find solutions to homework problems, explain how to solve them and augment classroom learning.

Options range from solution apps like Photomath, which lets you upload a picture of a math problem and automatically finds the answer, to learning apps like Duolingo, which gamifies language learning. The Google-owned Socratic app is another popular option that covers all subjects.

Additional examples include:

“Anki is my all-time favorite app. It’s a digital flashcard app that is used by tons of med students, language learners and software developers. The awesome thing about Anki is the community. Reddit has several dedicated subcommunities for users of the app where students share their premade decks for free.” – Will Peach, medical student

You can also search for discipline-specific lecture notes and other self-study resources. For example, Peach recommends sites like Teach Me Anatomy, Radiology Cafe, Lecturio, Osmosis and Kenhub for medical students (don’t forget to take advantage of free trials).

Online courses

You might already feel overloaded with coursework, but if you want to master your major you might consider taking additional online courses.

One option is edX, a free learning platform that boasts more than 2,500 online college courses by over 140 institutions like MIT, Harvard University and Boston University.

Another is Khan Academy, which offers a free learning system covering a wide variety of subjects: math, science and engineering, computing, arts and humanities, economics and finance and test prep.

Social media

Social media is another resource for homework help, though you might need to wait for answers and there’s no guarantee responses are accurate. Here are some options:


There are many subreddits dedicated to helping students with homework – run a search for your subject and “homework help” to discover the best for your needs. Here are some examples:

“I recently found r/homeworkhelp and I think it is an amazing subreddit. It is so easy to get help with homework questions I have and it is also great to help others with homework questions.”Redditor Cool_Suggestion5432


Multiple Discord servers are centered around homework help and related student support. Some offer tutoring services, while others are study communities.

Find a list of homework-related Discord servers on Disboard.


Search Facebook for groups that can help with your homework (many are private, so you’ll need to request to join before you can post). Examples include:


Though it’s not set up as a homework help platform, YouTube can be an invaluable free resource for watching experts solve complicated problems – especially for subjects like math, physics and engineering.

Check out channels like NancyPi, patrickJMT and Mathantics for math help, or find playlists that cover a variety of subjects on the Crash Course channel. Of course, you can perform your own searches to find the specific help you need.


Ebooks VS Printed Books: Which Helps You Learn Better?


10 places to get instant homework help

Get help immediate help on these websites.

1. Study.com

College, High School, Middle School & Elementary | Website & App | $60/mo.

Get homework help fast on Study.com, which offers a library of more than one million answered questions plus instant answers with 24/7 access to experts in every subject area for college, high school and elementary students.

These resources are supplemented by more than 29,000 video lessons. You can access Study.com directly on its website or via Android and iOS apps, and the service costs $60/month.

2. Smarthinking by Pearson

College, High School, Middle School & Elementary | Website & App | $43.75 (one hour of tutoring)

Smarthinking by Pearson offers online tutoring and writing help on a variety of subjects, including math and statistics, science, business, computers and technology, Spanish, nursing and health sciences.

Tutors are available within minutes for most subjects; if one is not available, you can schedule a time for one-on-one assistance. Pricing for a single essay review starts at $31.25, and one hour of on-demand tutoring costs $43.75.

3. TutorMe

College & High School | Website | $69/month (2 hours) or $1/minute (pay-as-you-go)

Get help with your homework instantly on TutorMe, which offers one-on-one tutoring with experts from schools like MIT, Yale, Princeton and USC. The site covers more than 3000 subjects, and you can connect with a live tutor in less than 30 seconds.

Multiple pricing plans are available, starting at $69/month for 2 hours of tutoring ($0.58/minute for additional time). You can alternatively pay as you go for $1/minute.

“I’ve only had one experience in 161 where I couldn’t figure out a bug for hours… The tutor I got linked with helped me spot the error in my code. Ultimately, it’s a resource in a pool of resources if you ever need help.”Redditor Steak_Quesadilla on TutorMe

4. Course Hero

College | Website & Apps | $10 – $40/mo.

Course Hero promises 24/7 homework help from experts in subjects ranging from biology and chemistry to law, civil engineering and finance. Tutors answer your questions in as fast as 15 minutes.

In addition to QnA homework help, the service features study resources by school, textbook, subject and literature title – millions of documents and solutions you can search to find the answers you need.

Pricing is $40/month for up to 10 tutor questions, $20/month (paid quarterly at $60) for up to 20 tutor questions and $10/month (paid annually at $120) for up to 40 tutor questions. You can also purchase answers a la carte and submit your own course material to earn answers unlocks.

5. Varsity Tutors

College, High School, Middle School & Elementary | Website & Apps | $70 – $95/hour

Varsity Tutors offers a variety of homework help options, from online and group classes to self-study practice and private one-on-one tutoring. They also feature instant tutoring with experts in more 250 subjects, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Instant tutoring is available for all educational levels –  college, grade school, middle school and high school – and you can start a session on your computer, tablet or phone. Pricing ranges from $70 to $95/hour, depending on which package you select.

6. Slader

College & High School | Website & Apps | $2 – $8/mo.

A longtime favorite of high school and college students, Slader lets you instantly search for textbook solutions – simply input your book title or ISBN to get step-by-step answers that help you complete your homework and learn the material at the same time.

Subjects include math, science, social studies, foreign languages, literature and English, and many of the solutions are expert verified. Most of Slader’s features are free to use, though they do offer premium plans that feature an ad-free experience, step-by-step explanations and solution one-sheeters: enter the range of pages you need solutions for, and Slader will deliver them on a single page.

Slader Premium for High School costs $4/month or $2/month for a 6-month plan; Slader College Plus costs $8/month or $4/month for a 4-month plan.

7. Chegg Study

College | Website & Apps | $14.95/mo.

Chegg Study features two homework help tools: textbook solutions and expert Q&A. Textbook solutions offer step-by-step guidance through homework problems plus video walkthroughs and practice sets.

With expert Q&A, you can send a photo of your question and receive assistance in as little as 30 minutes (the average is 46 minutes). Available subjects include business, chemistry, engineering, math and science. Access costs $14.95/month.

“I mostly used Slader but as I’ve advanced to higher-level courses I’ve had to use Chegg. Definitely better for learning and getting the right answer.”Redditor thatdudewhodoesraps

8. Studypool

College & High School | Website | $15 – $30/hour (tutoring), $5 – $20/month (Notebank)

Studypool allows you to post a private question and select your desired response time (as little as one hour). Estimate how long you think it will take to resolve your problem, then customize your budget based on educational level: high school ($15/hour), college ($20/hour), masters ($25/hour) or Ph.D. ($30/hour).

Verified tutors bid on your question so you can choose the best price and fit. Alternatively, you can have Studypool automatically match you with a qualified tutor.

In addition to tutoring, Study pool offers instant access to book guides (free) and its Notebank of more than 20 million study materials. Notebank access costs $5 to $20/month, depending on subscription length.

9. Skooli

College, High School, Middle School & Elementary | Website & App | $0.82/minute

Skooli offers homework help with a social vibe: ask your question, see which tutors are currently online, then connect for immediate assistance in a virtual classroom.

Subject areas include math, humanities, language, science and business; and instant tutoring is available for all grade levels, from elementary through college. Unlike some homework help sites, Skooli does not sell subscriptions – instead, it offers pay-as-you-go pricing at $0.82/minute (with a minimum of 15 minutes).

10. The Princeton Review

College, High School & Middle School | Website & App | $29 – $40/hour

The Princeton Review offers instant homework help, essay writing assistance and exam prep for middle school, high school, college and graduate students. Tutors are available online 24/7 to assist with more than 80 subjects.

To get started, ask a question and get connected to a tutor in as little as 60 seconds. On demand tutoring pricing ranges from $29 to $40/hour depending on which plan you select. The Princeton Review promotes a “better grade guarantee” for students who work with a tutor for at least two hours per month for three consecutive months in a single subject.