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Haiku Contest Leader Board - Page 1


Entry from brichandra

Something powerful
Enough to set my lukewarm
heart ablaze once more.


Entry from BrandonEckstein

I wake in the morn'
Angry as Hell, like I should
I want more sleep please


Entry from KkcC


"Try, try again", we
think without fully grasping
how to be awake


Entry from Rob715

Awaken, breathe in
Sunlight shining through her scars
Breathe out, awaken


Entry from JadaNorford12

Coffee in my hand
Time for eight A.M classes
Up before the sun


Entry from NeilS

I take a deep breath
My eyes are opened to life
I am awaken!


Entry from HoshenM

She lived in a storm.
And every time the wind blew,
She would feel the sun.


Entry from Radhika

Sure money is great
but do not lose your true essence.
You?re truly spirit incarnate.


Entry from NPham

Free me of ego.
Venture, explore, pursue, dream!
Light heart, open mind


Entry from Mleesue1

My future is bright,
My eyes are open to see,
Awaken to me.


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