Direct Textbook reveals the highest-rated review books for the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN to help you study to become a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse

The NCLEX, or National Council License Examination, is the defining test for students studying to become registered nurses (RN) and licensed practical nurses (LPN). There are two versions of the NCLEX: the NCLEX-RN, which is designed to test the skills required to be a registered nurse; and the NCLEX-PN, which tests the skills required to be a licensed practical nurse. Ace the NCLEX with the best NCLEX review books as ranked by consumers and nurses on sites such as All Nurses, Nurse Buff, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.

The best NCLEX-RN review books

There are a... more »
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Lost your textbook rental return instructions? No problem – Flipsy shows you where to return your rented textbooks so you can avoid late fees

Textbook rentals can save a lot of cash, but they can also cost a pretty penny if you lose your return instructions and miss the deadline. Rental late fees range from the cost of a rental extension to the full price of a replacement textbook, which can total several hundred dollars. The best policy is to always make sure your textbook rentals are returned on time, but what if you’ve lost your return instructions and aren’t sure where to send your textbooks? Flipsy has the answer!

Search your email

Start by searching your email for the title of your textbook. Chances are, your textbook rental company emailed you a receipt that includes the title of the book rented, return deadline, and return instructions (or a link to instructions). You can also search for the name of the rental ... more »
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Direct Textbook compares the top online homework helpers, tutoring services, and study options so you can get help with tough college courses

Whether you’re struggling with a college course or you’re stumbling over a challenging homework question, online study resources can help you find solutions to tough problems and learn more efficiently. The following compares some of the most popular online study options that will help you ace – or at least pass – this college semester.

Chegg Study

Perhaps the best-marketed online study helper, Chegg Study offers three different services: Textbook Solutions, Q&A, and Tutors. Textbook Solutions answers questions, step-by-step, for more than 9,000 textbooks. The Q&A service allows you to search for answers by subject or ask questions directly; questions are answered by an online community Chegg claims tops one million users. You ... more »
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Want to cash in on your used books? Direct Textbook shows you how

How do you sell books? It’s one of the most commonly-asked questions we receive from our users. It’s a great question, too: while many people know Direct Textbook helps you get the best deals when buying or renting textbooks, most don’t know how to sell their textbooks and other used books when they’re done with them. The following guide offers a comprehensive overview of bookselling options, where to sell books, and how to determine book values so you can make the most money for your used books.

Assessing your books

Successfully selling books begins with knowing exactly what books you have; not just in terms of title but also date of publication, historical significance (if any), and condition. Here’s what you need to know... more »
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Is it possible to save money by renting access codes instead of buying? Direct Textbook has the answer

One question we’re commonly asked is whether students can rent textbook access codes to save money over buying. On the surface, it doesn’t seem as though renting access codes would be possible – they’re intended to be used once, after all, and will only work for a single user. However, a quick search on Flipsy yields dozens of access codes that have the option to rent or buy. What gives? Can you rent access codes?

Not really. Even though many individual access codes are available to rent or buy, rented access codes are no different than those that are purchased. Publishers know that the word “rent” along with a slightly-lower fee (based on the duration of access) converts more... more »
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