Direct Textbooks is proud to announce the addition of Study Aids in our quest to continue helping students excel.

This newest edition to Direct Textbook offers a more dynamic learning experience by providing you with videos, quizzes, digital flash cards and more to enhance your comprehension and memorization of your course material. With additional content from Youtube, Quizlet and Coursehero, Study Aids have been developed with the intention of deepening your understanding of your textbook.

If Study Aids are available for your textbook, you will find the Study Aids icon above your search results.
  • Simply enter an ISBN into the search box from our homepage
  • Click the "Find Prices" button next to the title you are searching
  • Lastly, select the Study Aids icon above the price comparison table

We hope you find this new feature helpful. Please let us know if you find any issues with the new feature or any other part of Direct Textbook.

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