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    Valore books sells its own book inventory in addition to providing a marketplace for other online booksellers. Valore's inventory is included in the Direct Textbook price and availability search.

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Anonymous July 5, 2020

They did not pay me for my books even though they received them. I contacted them several times for an explanation and never received a response or an explanation

Anonymous August 8, 2019

I used to believe this company was reputable. I sent them books and did not get my money for the longest time (It was over the amount of time they promised). Also, they are impossible to contact, except through email. In addition, one of the responses I received was condescending. Stay Away!!!

Joni December 13, 2016

They take an incredibly long time to process the book sent to them. They rejected my book under a different order number than the me that they gave me when they said they would purchase it. Then it took them 30 days to return my book. It was in perfect condition when I sent it because I ended up not taking the class. When I got it back the pages were all messed up and bent. It is a loose leaf book so now I am completely out of any money that I would have received from a different site. Customer service wouldn't give me a reason for rejecting the book at all. I know the ISBN matched because I checked both of them (the 13 and the 10) before I shipped the book. Looking at the other reviews I see that the damaged books seems to be a habit with this company. SELLER BEWARE!

Anonymous May 5, 2016

ValoreBooks has great prices and their customer service is very helpful. I'll sell with them again!

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