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Textbook Rental Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will I also receive supplemental materials, such as study guides and CD/DVDs?

You might or might not. Check your rental company's product description. If it doesn't specifically say you will receive supplemental materials, expect to receive only the textbook itself.

Who pays for shipping?

Typically, your textbook rental company pays for shipping. You'll receive a pre-paid shipping label to return your textbook when the rental period expires.

What format will my rental textbooks be in?

Your rental company will choose the format. It could be hardcover, softcover, or an instructor's edition.

What happens if I damage my rental textbook?

If you damage your rental textbook, most vendors will charge full price.

Can I take notes, highlight, or write in my rented textbook?

Be certain to check your textbook rental company's policies, as only a few allow you to annotate rental textbooks in any way. Be careful, as damaged and destroyed textbooks must be paid for in full.

What if I can't find my textbook?

If you can't find your textbook with a basic title or keyword search, try searching by ISBN. It's the most reliable way to search for textbooks.

Do all textbook rental companies work the same way?

Each vendor has its own policies, terms, and conditions. Always familiarize yourself with them before you decide to rent. If you have questions, ask.

What is an ISBN, and how do I find it?

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number, and it is a unique number assigned to identify each individual textbook. You can find the ISBN number near the bar code and copyright information of most textbooks. Ask your professor, campus bookstore, or campus library for the ISBN number of any textbook you're having trouble finding.

What payment methods do your textbook rental vendors accept?

It depends on the rental company, but most accept major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. Some also accept alternative payment methods, such as PayPal.

How soon will my textbooks arrive?

It depends on the textbook rental company, but in most cases you'll receive your textbooks within seven days. Keep in mind that textbook rental orders could take up to a day to process before shipping. Some vendors offer expedited and even overnight shipping, typically for a fee.

Is Direct Textbook safe? Are your book rental vendors safe?

Yes. Since 2002, more than 20 million students, teachers, and parents have trusted Direct Textbook to rent textbooks at the lowest prices offered by the most reputable online textbook rental companies.

What if my textbooks don't arrive on time?

Contact your textbook rental vendor immediately. If it is their oversight, they might expedite shipping at no cost to you. Be sure to save all your web and email order confirmations and payment receipts in the rare event of a dispute.

Can I have my textbooks shipped to a PO Box on campus?

To avoid potential shipping problems, it's best to have your textbooks shipped to a physical address where you can receive packages from shipping carriers.

Are there any other ways to avoid buying textbooks?

Consider Guaranteed Buyback programs in which you first purchase your textbook and your vendor guarantees to buy it back from you after the semester. You know the buyback price at the time of purchase, so you'll know what your total cost of textbook usage will be before you buy. Both and offer Guaranteed Buyback programs.

Do you have an iPhone app?

Yes, you can download the Direct Textbook iPhone app to find the lowest textbook price any time, anywhere.

How does Direct Textbook help me save money when I rent textbooks?

Direct Textbook is a free service that lets you instantly compare textbook rental prices from the web's most reputable textbook rental companies on a single page. Direct Textbook additionally lists any known coupons alongside each title so you can save even more money.

How can I search for rental textbooks?

Direct Textbook allows you to search for rental textbooks and filter results by ISBN, title, author, edition, format, publishing date, publisher, keywords, delivery time and even some specific courses.

How much money can I save by renting textbooks?

You can save between 30% and 50% off the cover price by renting textbooks rather than buying. Coupons can help you save even more.

How long can I rent textbooks for?

It varies by rental company, typically between 50 to 135 days. Most textbook rental companies allow you to extend your rental period if needed.

What if I want to keep my rental textbooks?

Most companies allow you to buy your rental textbooks if you decide to keep them. You'll simply pay the difference between the rental fee you've already paid and the purchase price.

Still have questions?

No worries, simply contact us and we'll be happy to help!