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Haiku Contest Leader Board - Page 2


Entry from crissbi4art

Deciding our paths
Delve into our inner depths
Emerging a new


Entry from mbg1982

Growing slowly for
the day where my life begins
and destiny calls.


Entry from madams144

Reaching toward the light,
leaving the abyss of sin,
I am newly free.


Entry from Hannahdoherty7

To Emerge, one must
come forth and be visible,
do not hide, be known


Entry from AHasegawa

a shell lies
forgotten on the sand
crab scuttles away


Entry from sommergarcia

Break from the cocoon
The Confident butterfly
Her appearance known


Entry from LaSchipa

Do not shade your eyes.
The power within your reach
Shines brightly through you.


Entry from mar265

That tulip trees can
startle us every year ought
to give us some hope.


Entry from amcurry

It is dark in here
Coming out of my shell
Time to spread my wings


Entry from SarahMarie

Blank pages are we
Until life writes our stories
From thoughts we emerge


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