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Haiku Contest Leader Board - Page 1


Entry from Colie

Everything you do
Is just a reflection of
Who you choose to be.


Entry from RachelLove

Thoughts deep inside me
Swirling and churning within
Changing how I see


Entry from TJR1

Holding mirror thus
I see myself as I am
Reality shines


Entry from Jayne

Broken, bloody, I
gaze at my battle. Behold!
My phoenix rises.


Entry from OJeezy

You are not alone
You look at everybody
You are reflection


Entry from SarahBowen

pond's face reflects Now
dark waters veil gloomy Past
sun shimmers: Future


Entry from Mandi

Eyes seeking out flaws
Scrutinizing this body
Take a breath - accept


Entry from cheyennq

You saw broken skin
I gawked at blooming beauty
Who knew mirrors lie.


Entry from Lexielu72

She is Seventeen
Questions the College Choice She Made
But She Will Succeed


Entry from ALA

To continue forth
One must look back on one's life
And learn from one's past


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