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Haiku Contest Leader Board - Page 1


Entry from Wroboat



Entry from arielelmore1

Dew drops everywhere
A flower blooms from the bud
As birds sing their song


Entry from taymarb7

Mirror to my soul,
The face I have never seen.
Spread my wings and fly!


Entry from treesa

A slight crack and peek.
Shy with curiosity.
Adventure awaits.


Entry from AubreyG

Darkness all around
Breaking free from hate and doubt
Alive his true self


Entry from swestwebb

Lights bright. Skin dewy.
Breath aches while all watch and wait.
New life emerges.


Entry from victoriaevans

Blessed to grow in murk
I will blossom and flourish
My past is my strength


Entry from LauraOlliverrie

When shaded from view,
Have the courage to step out
Into your own light.


Entry from ECA1993

The water is warm
But my life lies on that shore
Here I go, I guess


Entry from kellijk

Break hibernation
To greet new color and warmth
Emerge once again


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