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Haiku Contest Leader Board - Page 1


Entry from Kobe2016

Potential I feel
Bursting from within myself
Fulfill destiny


Entry from Simion

A fiercely red pride,
within outside perception,
preserves inner blue.


Entry from Nina

Crystal clear to me
Blind to those who don't believe
Manifest is here...


Entry from cacosta4

A cool morning breeze
Encourage the mind to wake
The task of all days


Entry from WhyIWantToTeach

As a teacher I
will open the eyes of my students
to see all that's possible.


Entry from AustinBorders

With unsteady legs
He attempted to get up
Showing he's not weak


Entry from Quinnie

To be obvious
To be awake and alive
Never uncertain


Entry from CarolChandler


Spirits dance like flames
Flickering blue energy
They bring death alive


Entry from StoneAllen

Stagnation broken.
A breath, a pulse, a movement.
And from nothing: life.


Entry from Kiley

Change only I see,
invisible to all those
who do not know me


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