As if tuition and living expenses weren't enough financial stress for college students, the escalating prices of textbooks can be enough to keep students up at night worrying about how they're going to pay for their educations. Since 1978, the average price of textbooks has increased by 182%, which means the average 4-year college student faces around $5,000 in textbook purchases over the course of earning a degree. Add that in with the estimated $50,000 college education price tag, and it's easy to see why the high price of new textbooks has led many students to seek cheaper alternatives.

E-textbooks and international textbooks – those originally purchased overseas, also known as softcovers – are two such alternatives. But is buying and selling international textbooks and e-textbooks legal?

Recent legal proceedings have confused students, causing many to hesitate to buy or sell used textbooks for fear they might be breaking th... more »
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