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Woodrow Wilson Books

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This is a list of the best-selling woodrow wilson books. Popularity is calculated using the total number of sales. We update the list on a daily basis. The last update was 2021-03-01.

US History (1920-1950)

 US In World War II
 New Deal
 Dust Bowl
 Great Depression
 Japanese Internment
 Scopes Trial
 Joseph McCarthy
 Dwight D Eisenhower
 Harry Truman
 Franklin Delano Rooselvelt
 Amelia Earhart
 Charles Lindbergh
 Herbert Hoover
 Calvin Coolidge
 Warren G Harding
 Alexander Graham Bell
 Woodrow Wilson
 Theodore Roosevelt
 Thomas Edison
 James J Hill
 John D Rockefeller
 Jay Gould
 Susan B Anthony
 Wright Brothers

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Book Cover

The Moralist : Woodrow Wilson and the World He Made

Published: 2018   Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 9780743298094
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

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Book Cover

Fight of the Century : Alice Paul Battles Woodrow Wilson for the Vote

Published: 2020   Format: Hardcover

Author: Barb Rosenstock; Sarah Green

ISBN: 9781629799087
Publisher: Boyds Mills Press

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Book Cover

Woodrow Wilson and the Reimagining of Eastern Europe

Published: 2020   Format: Paperback

Author: Larry Wolff

ISBN: 9781503611191
Publisher: Stanford University Press

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Manipulating the Masses : Woodrow Wilson and the Birth of American Propaganda

Published: 2020   Format: Hardcover

Author: John Maxwell Hamilton

ISBN: 9780807170779
Publisher: Louisiana State University Press

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