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Embeddable Price Comparison Charts

Easily add price comparison services to your online store

Direct Textbook makes it easy to show students your prices are competitive, and you'll even earn money when students buy from competitors. Easily add price comparison services to your online store to increase conversions, build trust and show your competitive position.


Description An embedded price comparison charts that lets your student buyers instantly compare current new, used, rental and ebook textbook prices from trusted online retailers.
Compare Prices Integrated into your own site
Earn Sales Commissions Commissions by Store
Pricing Our subscriptions are based on campus size, starting at only $99/month. Even the largest campuses are only $499/ month, and all plans can be prepaid annually for a 35% discount.
Example See an integrated example here or a pricing overlay here

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With Direct Textbook's 18 years of online textbook sales experience, your students save more money while you make more money. There's no better solution.