EPUB, MOBI, AZW, PDF… what's the difference between ebook formats, and what do they mean to you?

If you've ever tried to research the difference between ebook formats, you've probably noticed most explanations are heavy on technical jargon and light on plain English. They're laden with terms like XML, HTML5, and CSS - terms unfamiliar to most non-programmers.

The rest of us don't care how different ebook formats are made; we only care about how those differences affect us. Here, Direct Textbook offers clarification

Though there are more than two dozen ebook formats, the most popular formats are:


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Get paid to help your friends save money - that's the premise behind the Direct Textbook Referral Program, which pays you cash simply for showing your friends how to save up to 90 percent on textbooks.

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Fall semester is right around the corner, and you can prepare with Direct Textbook's suite of free tools designed to help you save money on textbooks, apply for scholarships, and even get cash back on necessary purchases.

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Textbook Price Comparison Engine
The world's most comprehensive textbook price comparison engine checks pricing from more than 200 online sellers to save you up to 90 percent on textbooks, plus helps you:
... more »
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Direct Textbook reveals bulk textbook ordering options to help you save money on volume purchases

At Direct Textbook we're sometimes asked how customers can order textbooks in bulk. Such requests are often made by school purchasing managers, librarians, clinic directors, and others who need multiple copies - up to 150 - of the same textbook. Here's how to order textbooks in bulk.

If you want true bulk pricing, your options are limited. Retail vendors won't sell dozens of copies to a single buyer, and not all companies that advertise bulk textbook sales offer true bulk pricing.

That's why Direct Textbook only deals with two vendors that offer bulk textbooks: ... more »
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Not sure which college degree is right for you? Direct Textbook lists the best degree assessment tests so you can determine which degree best-suits your interests and follow the career path of your dreams.

Can't decide which degree to pursue? It's a common problem among college students who want to lay the foundation for fulfilling careers. Get a head start on the path to success by taking the following college degree tests, which will help you identify your interests, choose a matching career, and pick the degree that will help you achieve your college and career goals.

This well-known career aptitude test takes just 15 minutes to complete online, yet is backed by years of psychological research to help match students to favorable career paths. You can get a free assessment or pay $120 for the comprehensive MAPP package; in addition, many high schoo... more »
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