Direct Textbook is proud to announce the winner of the 2019 Scholarship Essay Contest. At Direct Textbook, we are proud to support students seeking aid for their college experience.

Here is the 1st place essay from Keelah S. addressing the questions: "What is independence? What is the importance of independence in your life"

"Call 911! I don’t think she’s breathing" my mother cried out. The terror seemed to suffocate her. The stream of questions that started to pour out, as I bolted down the hallway, became stifled by the scene on the living room floor. My sister, muscles contracted, eyes rolled back, drool trickling out from parted lips, appeared frozen in my mother’s arm. With shaky hands, I quickly dialed 911. After all the pertinent questions of the dispatcher were answered, I sat quietly, hoping Kiki would return from the seizure. A smile washed over my face as Kiki inhaled. She was back.

A rudimentary understanding of independence formed during my preadolescent years. I got out of bed on my own, I brushed teeth on my own, and I ate on my own; This completely juxtaposed my sister. Her numerous physical and cognitive deficits impacted her ability to accomplish these same tasks. From getting out of bed to eating, everything had to be completed for her. Kiki taught me that independence was being capable of performing basic tasks. My schema of independence refined with age.

A developed understanding of independence occurred in my adolescent years. Even though I was able to meet my basic needs, I was not independent. This epiphany materialized my freshman year in college. I had previously relied on my parents for financial support and on my friends for emotional support. In a different city, hundreds of miles away, I was unable to rely on those closest to me. In this new, intimidating environment, I gradually learned that independence is to be in control of my thoughts and actions, to be capable of self-reliance in times of adversity, to offer others support when possible.

Although the degree of my independence is continuously changing, I now know the importance of it. I understand the positive effect of independence on my mental health, including my confidence and ability to make significant contributions in society. Independence has allowed me to pursue a career in the healthcare field. It has pushed me through collegiate obstacles that I beforehand was not mentally strong enough to handle on my own."

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