Direct Textbook adds access code filters to make your search even easier.

Access codes are a major pain point when buying textbooks. If you are unfamiliar with access codes you can read this post. In short they are a code that gives one person access to a set of web tools. Some professors require these codes for completing homework, studying and tracking progress. They typically accompany a book but can also be sold as a standalone product.

The problem with access codes is that often companies list a title that originally included an access code, for example Biology with Connect Access Card 3rd, but when the book is sold used or rented, the code may have already been used by someone else making it nonfunctional.

To ensure you purchase a book with an acccess code, we have added a warning to the top of books that include access codes along with a check box that allows you to filter out any books that most likely will not come with the access code you need. After checking the box, you will see used copies that have a valid access code along with the prices for new books.

We keep working to help you save time and save money and are proud of this addition because we think it can accomplish both of our objectives.

Please let us know if you find any issues with the new feature or any other part of Direct Textbook.


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