We need your help to get the word out on what you thought of your textbooks this year. Student reviews of their textbooks help professors and other instructors know which books helped people learn, and which did not have value. If you have an opinion about any of the textbooks you used this year, post a review on the book's DirectTextbook.com price page (example http://www.directtextbook.com/prices/9780073383194)

You can leave your review of your textbook using the following instructions:

1. Locate the textbook by searching with the title or ISBN number from our homepage here http://www.directtextbook.com/
2. Once you have located your book click either the "Reviews" link (from the search results) or the "Reviews" tab (from the price page) It should bring you to page like this http://www.directtextbook.com/prices/9780136019701#rev
3. Type your review and click the "add review" button! It's that easy!

Thanks to all who offer their feedback, we appreciate it!


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