The winner of the 2017 High School Senior Scholarship Essay Contest is Alyssa Kruse! Thanks to each high school senior that participated in this year's contest, we appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and ideas.

Meet the winner of the 2017 High School Senior Scholarship Essay Contest.

Alyssa will be attending the University of South Florida this fall where she plans to pursue an exploratory curriculum major in math, engineering, and technology. Alyssa is looking forward to all of the new experiences college has to offer, particularly the symphony orchestra. She will be trying out this fall and is hoping to make the orchestra so she can gain musical experience. Alyssa is also excited about being given the opportunity to expand her education in order to help her find a career which expresses her true passions. While she isn't studying, she will be enjoying her hobbies which include reading, watching movies, going to the beach, and playing piano and violin.

Here is Alyssa's winning essay addressing the question: "I have all these options in life, how do I choose the ones that create the life I want?"

Your whole life up until now has been planned out for you. You have never had to question what was next; your schools were chosen by your address, and the required classes by the education system. You've lived with your parents and they've paid for everything for you. With that in mind, it can be terrifying when suddenly you are faced with countless options, and your next steps are decided by no one but you. All this potential provides you with a possibly overwhelming number of paths. So, the most advantageous way to figure out which options are best for you, and will lead to the life you want to lead, is to face the reality of your situation positively - sit yourself down and really consider your priorities and goals. What kind of future education, if any, do you want to pursue? What economic status are you satisfied with having in the future? How will you make money and pay for everything you need? What career will you not only enjoy but be good at? Write all of these answers down, making a list. With this in hand, research your next steps and consider your choices. Don't be afraid to ask for help! College counselors, teachers, coaches, and any other adult you trust have all been through this situation before; each of their experiences are unique and can therefore each provide valuable insight. As you research, ask questions, and make decisions, the most important point to keep in mind is this - nothing is permanent and you don't have to have your entire life planned out at eighteen. It may seem like this is a crazy idea as you face many new responsibilities; I've definitely questioned it myself before. Make decisions for short-term with the long-term in mind without feeling fear. Goals are important to have and that's why it is so crucial to make the aforementioned list, but realize that if in the future your goals change, you can change too. Set your priorities, make informed decisions, and be open to the life's fluidity. Most of all, enjoy every moment of it - this is the beginning of your freedom!

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