1. Amazon doesn't have every book in the world.

Amazon is great. We recommend them, but they don't have every book in every format. Direct Textbook searches Amazon, plus over 50 other online bookstores and sources.

2. Compare prices on different formats: used, new, or ebook.

When you search for a book on Direct Textbook, we show you the available options including new, used, rental, or ebook.

3. Find all the applicable coupons for your book.

Bookstores want your business. To attract it, they offer some very good shipping deals and coupons. Figuring out which coupons are available for the book you need can be tedious work. Direct Textbook displays all the applicable coupons and shipping deals for your book. Plus, we work with bookstores to provide exclusive coupons and deals.

4. Price alerts help you save more.

Prices on books fluctuate dramatically. If you do not need your book in a hurry, set a price alert and be notified when the book lists for a price that is acceptable to you.

5. Save lists of books you own or want to own.

Keep your entire library, or save a list of books you want to read over the summer. With our booklist feature you can save lists, name your lists, take notes on lists, and more.

6. Check to see if the book you need is in a library near you.

Each book page on Direct Textbook provides a convenient "Find in Library" link to the WorldCat.org database. Clicking this link will do a zip code search and show you which libraries near you have the book.

7. Get cash back on your book purchases from over 20 online bookstores.

The goal of Direct Textbook is to help people save money on book purchases. To this end, we set up the Direct Textbook cash back membership program. The cash back program offers frequent buyers the opportunity to get up to 20% cash back from participating stores.

8. Get quick links to reviews from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell's and Abebooks.

On each book page, the reviews link provides a direct link to the books reviews for a book at Amazon.com, Powells.com, Barnes & Noble and Abebooks.com. Clicking these links takes you to the respective site where you can read user reviews.

9. Set in-stock notification checks for hard to find books.

Some books are not in-stock at any online bookstores. Direct Textbook provides a notification system to alert you if a book you need becomes available anywhere.

10. Get the book you need fast.

Direct Textbook shows you which books are eligible for Amazon's Prime service. You can also select your delivery speed on the book page, to find out how much each bookstore charges for expedited shipping.

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