Do you have textbooks you no longer need? You probably know you can sell your unwanted books back to the school bookstore and pocket some change, but did you know how much more you can pocket from selling them online?

It’s not a difficult thing to do. It doesn’t take much more than some inexpensive packing supplies.

The online market is huge and competition for your books is fierce.
Often online stores will buy both the textbooks you can't sell to the bookstore and the ones you can. And when they do, you're likely to get about 30-70% more.

Learn what we learned.
We gave it a try—on our own site—with 50 used textbooks. This is what went down:

We entered the ISBN number (found above the barcode on the back
of most books) in our site’s buyback price comparison search box which checks 20 plus online buyback stores to get you top dollar.

Prices were instantly offered and each vendor presented their payment plan. Some stores offered only store credit. Some offered cash. Some offered both—with a premium price if you chose credit. Most stores will make deposits in your PayPal account. (Always remember to verify your book meets the reseller's requirements.)

Some online buyback stores had a minimum sale amount of $5 to $25.

It’s easy to create a new seller account or recall an existing one with the store of your choice.

You create a cart or inventory and select your preferred payment and shipping method.

Some vendors offer a single shipping option while others have a choice of USPS, UPS or FedEx.

After the sale process is complete, you are offered a link to quickly print a free shipping label.

You then pack and ship your book from one of the shipping locations given. (You may need to use book packaging supplies, which are available at most post offices.)

Once you ship your book, expect a 2 to 3-week period to receive payment.

That’s about it.
The verdict: no big deal. For the most part, the process of converting your used textbook to cash is easy. The time it’ll take you is probably less than what you’d spend standing in line at your crowded college bookstore after finals and you’re likely to get quite a bit more money.

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