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Increase Your Campus Bookstore Revenue

Keep your student customers and stop losing sales to “online” competitors

You can't control textbook prices. But you can control who gets paid for textbook sales. Direct Textbook makes it easy to show students your prices are competitive – and even earn money whenever students buy from competitors. With Campus Link and Campus Advantage, you make more money and keep your student customers on campus, online.

  • Value-added service: Students instantly compare new and used textbook prices from dozens of online retailers – and can even take advantage of instant coupons
  • Earn commissions when your customers buy textbooks from other online bookstores – never again lose bookstore revenue to lower-priced competitors
  • Expand your library of new and used books for more sales opportunities. No overhead or shelf space required
  • Complete automation: No-hassle website integration and no tedious affiliate sign-ups. One simple report details all your earnings.

Direct Textbook has more than 10 years of experience helping millions of students save millions of dollars on textbooks. Now, let Direct Textbook show you how to maximize revenue from your online campus bookstore today.


Compare Solutions

Campus Link (see example) Campus Advantage (see example)
Description A simple link that takes your student customers to Direct Textbook to instantly compare current new, used, rental and ebook textbook prices from the trusted online retailers. An embedded comparison chart that lets your student buyers instantly compare current new, used, rental and ebook textbook prices from the trusted online retailers.
Instantly Compare Prices Off-site On your own site
Earn Sales Commissions Yes (Amazon not included)
Commissions by Store
Yes (Amazon included)
Commissions by Store
Pricing FREE Monthly subscription based on campus size:
up to 2,000 students ... $99/mo.
2,001 to 6,000 students ... $199/mo.
6,001 to 10,000 students ... $299/mo.
10,001 to 14,000 students ... $399/mo.
more than 14,000 students ... $499/mo.
Video Tour Campus Link Campus Advantage


How It Works

Our no-hassle setup features no tedious affiliate sign-ups and no manual sales tracking. Simply sign up today, and let Direct Textbook handle the rest while you provide a value-added service to student customers and maximize online bookstore revenue!

All you need to do is...
  1. Sign up for Campus Link or Campus Advantage
  2. Copy and paste the supplied code snippet onto your web page
  3. Enjoy instant textbook price comparisons, and earn commissions whenever students purchase books from online competitors – no lost revenue!

A Win-Win for Students and Bookstores

When you implement Direct Textbook's Campus Link or Campus Advantage, your students are able to get the best possible textbook price. And you're able to make money from the sales, whether your students ultimately buy from you or someone else. It's a win-win for students and your bookstore, and a new revenue stream for your college.

Here's an example
  1. Bob goes to your online campus bookstore to buy a copy of Human Biology for his Biology 1102 class. Your price for a new copy is $110.
  2. Bob would like to save some money, so he consults your Campus Advantage comparison chart and finds a used copy in good condition for sale on a competitor's site for $50.
  3. Bob buys the textbook from and saves $60. But rather than have lost the sale, your bookstore receives 10% commission, or $5, without doing anything.

With Direct Textbook, your students save more money while you make more money. There's no better solution.