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Leverage your strengths to earn more trust, more sales and more happy customers


Inventory pricing services increase your online and in-store competitiveness and conversion rates. Whether its 10 books or 30,000 books, get up-to-date pricing for book formats including new, used, rental and ebook. Powerful filters ensure accurate apples to apples pricing results. Learn More ›


Easily-implemented price comparison charts help your online visitors compare current new, used, rental and ebook textbook prices from trusted online retailers. Show them just how good your offers are with this win-win solution that nets your store up to 10% commission. Build trust and increase return visits to close more sales. Learn More ›


Display your prices, coupons or unique selling proposition to online student shoppers in your area. Be where students are online to capture potential lost sales. Highlight your value proposition right before the point of online sale to get more student shoppers in your store. Learn More ›

With Direct Textbook's 18 years of online textbook sales experience, your students save more money while you make more money. There's no better solution.