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Thank you for your interest in the Haiku Scholarship Contest 2015. The contest is now closed.

Winning entries are posted below.

Haikus with most votes:

Username: crissbi4art

  Deciding our paths
  Delve into our inner depths
  Emerging a new

Username: victoriaevans

  Blessed to grow in murk
  I will blossom and flourish
  My past is my strength

Randomly selected haikus:

Username: crock

  I shy from the light
  Courage builds, confidence rise
  Emerge from the dark

Username: Jrips

  There are no laid bounds
  for any soul that stands out
  growth begins within

Haikus selected by Direct Textbook:

Username: Taylor4


  The unapparent
  Will rise from the unknown and
  Establish itself.

Username: Paloma

  I'm dreaming of days
  when clarity is realized
  in whispers of wind.

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