Ebooks have become a popular way to save money on college textbook expenses; but do you actually own the ebooks you pay for? The answer might surprise you.

The fact of the matter is that when you pay for an ebook, you might not necessarily be purchasing the textbook outright. Instead, you might only be purchasing access to the ebook, otherwise known as renting the ebook, for a set period of time – typically around 180 days.

The actual terms of your purchase vary by ebook vendor; some offer rentals, some offer purchases. The problem is it's often unclear as to what you're actually paying for at the point-of-sale. Thus, you might think you're purchasing an ebook when you're actually only renting it – a mistake that can prove costly if you plan on us... more »
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Goodreads.com reviews link has been added to the Direct Textbook book page. Now you can get quick access to all the great reviews you can find on Good Reads in addition to Amazon, Powells, Barnes&Noble and AbeBooks.

Don't know what Goodreads.com is? Check it out www.goodreads.com
they have a humongous book community that is very active. You can find reviews, book discussions and lots of other really good book stuff.

Have a site that you like for reviews that we haven't listed yet? Let
us know and we will get it added.

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