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Meet the winner of the 2016 High School Senior Scholarship Essay Contest, Abigail Taylor!

Abigail will be attending Brigham Young University in the fall where she plans to major in English and possibly attend law school after her undergraduate studies. There are many things she is excited for in the upcoming year as a college freshman at BYU. Abigail is very excited to live near mountains as she loves hiking and hopes to try skiing for the first time! She is also looking forward to participating in all of the activities that college life has to offer. She really enjoys singing, so she may audition for the Women's Vocal Ensemble at BYU. When she is not writing, Abigail enjoys running, reading, and spending time with her family.

Here is Abigail's winning essay addressing the question: "What does self-responsibility mean to you? How does living self-responsibly affect your life? How does avoiding self-responsibility affect your life?"

"When I think about self-responsibility, I think about zucchini quiche. Zucchini quiche was always a summer staple in my home thanks to a plethora of zucchini plants and a flock of laying hens in my backyard. However, the secret ingredient that made my homemade quiche so delicious was not the farm fresh eggs or the crisp green squash; it was the flavor of self-responsibility.

Self-responsibility was necessary for every step of the quiche-making process from the garden to the kitchen. As a child, I learned that I couldn't have zucchini quiche for dinner if I wasn't willing to work for it. If I didn't feed the hens, I couldn't blame them if they didn't lay any eggs. If I forgot to water the zucchini plants for a week, I couldn't blame them for wilting. The same principle applied when I baked the quiche as well. I couldn't blame the mixer if I added too much salt, and it wasn't the oven's fault if I let the quiche burn. I came to realize that my hard work, accountability, and discipline added the delicious flavor of self-responsibility to the quiche and made it a success.

As I made zucchini quiche each summer, I learned that self-responsibility helps to build self-confidence. Smelling the delicious aroma of zucchini quiche after a long day of labor gave me such a feeling of pride, as did seeing the fruits of my labors embodied in a dish of such savory, golden goodness. As my hard work produced successful results, I gained confidence in myself and my abilities.

Summers of zucchini quiche also taught me that self-responsibility allows you to contribute to the world. At the ripe old age of six, I was already contributing by helping my family put food on the table. Today, self-responsibility is a skill that allows me to be a self-sufficient individual and an active contributor in my community. Employers, friends, teachers, and family members all know they can rely on me because I am self-responsible.

Very few people have the opportunity to make zucchini quiche each summer like I did. Too many people think they can sit by the pool, drink pink lemonade all day, and then have their zucchini quiche served to them on a silver platter. That is not how life works. Those who avoid self-responsibility develop a sense of entitlement and a victim mentality. They blame others for their misfortunes, do nothing to give back to society, and expect the zucchini quiche to make itself. The only thing their lack of self-responsibility gives them is a sour life of mediocrity and discontent.

During the hot summer months of my childhood, I planted more than just zucchini seeds; I planted seeds of self-responsibility as well. Today, those seeds have sprouted and blossomed into self-confidence, accountability, and a strong work ethic. I know that as I continue in life, the skills I gained from my summers of zucchini quiche will help me be successful and contribute to the world."

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