Get the best possible prices on textbooks faster than ever with the new and improved Direct Textbook app for iPhone and Android, which now includes a convenient barcode scanner that lets you scan textbooks with your smartphone and instantly compare prices from more than 200 bookstores. Once you find the best price, you can use the app to connect directly with the seller to complete your purchase.

Use the Direct Textbook app to save up to 90 percent on textbook titles, with an average overall savings of 50 percent on all textbook purchases – significant figures when you consider the average college student will spend $5,000 on textbooks during the course of earning a four-year degree.

The Direct Textbook app compares prices for new, used, ebook, rental, teacher, and international textbook editions from more than 200 online bookstores and 10,000 libraries to find the best possible price. In addition, the app displays shipping information and available discounts and coupons so you can get the best overall price, not just the list price.

The Direct Textbook app for iPhone and Android also features:

access to price alerts so you can be instantly notified when prices drop for the textbooks you need
optional enrollment in the Direct Textbook Cash Back Program, which pays you up to 10 percent cash back on qualified purchases from participating bookstores
manual ISBN entry in addition to barcode scanning
absolutely free installation, plus an easy-to-use, lightweight interface that doesn't hog space on your phone
no annoying ads or in-app purchases

Download the Direct Textbook app for a chance to win $300

Download the Direct Textbook app on your iPhone or Android device and use it to scan three books by August 31, 2014, and you'll be entered into a drawing to win $300 in cash. Classes are starting soon, so there's no better time to save money on all your textbooks!

Download the Direct Textbook app for iPhone

Download the Direct Textbook app for Android

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