Getting online study help when you need it most is crucial to staying on top of your game at school. But how can you be sure you’re getting the right answers - you know, the ones your professors are looking for?

The following sites not only give you answers straight from your textbooks - they can verify that your answer is correct, scour thousands of books on a variety of subjects, and even let you ask an expert when you’re seriously stumped.

Think Chegg is just for textbook rentals? Think again! Since these guys acquired Cramster, they expanded to include online study help with over a million answers pulled from thousands of textbooks.

Chances are that someone else - probably a lot of someones - has had the same question as you. Chegg compiles the answers you need to get to the bottom of any assignment, essay or research project. While a lot of textbooks only reveal the answers to even or odd-numbered questions, Chegg provides all of the answers to questions from thousands of different textbooks.

Have a question that’s not listed on Chegg? Ask an expert! Chegg tutors specialize in the subjects they teach, so can rest assured that they know what they’re talking about. If you need help from one of Chegg’s experts, just make sure you ask in advance - most of the time they respond pretty quickly, but it can take up to four hours so plan ahead.

Sounds kind of like having a personal tutor, doesn't it? The best part is that unlike a private tutor, Chegg won’t run you $60-$100/hour. After a free 7-day trial, membership is just $14.95/month or $74.95 for the year.

Ok, so maybe you don’t need help with your philosophy homework, or with writing an essay on the Invasion of the Moors. Maybe it’s the math.

There’s nothing worse than needing help with a math question and not being able to find the answer. specializes in this exact type of situation, and the coolest part is, they show you step-by-step answers straight from your textbook. With over 300 different math textbooks to draw from, you’re sure to get that burning trig problem solved in no time flat.

So what’s the damage? $49 gets you unlimited answers for the year. You can also buy three months of answers for $29, which is a great choice if you’re in a semester-long math class. You can also get access to all of their tutorial videos, which are created by working math professors, for just $29/year. is the place to go for online study help when you need more than just your questions answered. This site is chock full of study documents, flashcards, practice problems, and peer-reviewed content. It’s sort of like stealing notes from the smartest kid in your class. is community based, letting users share content with peers and ask questions of tutors. An annual membership is just $7.95/month, but be prepared to pay for the entire year up front ($95.40). Quarterly and monthly options are also available: you can pay $59.85 for the quarter, or $39.95/month.

How would you like an improved-grade guarantee while working with a one-on-one tutor? At, you get completely personalized attention from a tutor who won’t rest until all of your questions are answered.

If you invest two hours of tutor time per month for a six month minimum, even guarantees that your grades will go up at least half a letter or your money back!

Get one hour of tutor time per month for $39.99, two hours for $79.99, or three hours for $114.99. The site offers a 20% off introductory rate for first time students, and every tutoring session is guaranteed to be completely personalized, just you and the teacher.

Where is the first place you go when you need online study help?

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