While buying textbooks online can save you a great deal it can be difficult to determine which book will meet your needs. If you look at the listing for this popular textbook College Algebra in Context you will see in the left hand column where it says "Displaying" that we show 7 different formats for the book (new, used, rental, ebook, international, instructors, and solution). To help you sort through all these formats we added filters. Below is a rundown on what they mean and how to use them.

New - Brand new, never been used book. Usually the highest priced type of book. Should contain all supplemental materials like CD ROMs and access codes.

- Will have cover creasing, some highlighting and page marking (depending on condition). Be sure to check the listing description before buying a used book. Some used books are in great condition and some are in nearly unusable condition or do not contain supplemental materials. If a bookstore has provided us listing notes for the book they will be displayed by clicking the (+) next to the book type "New or Used".

Rental - Can be a used or new book that is rented to you for an agreed upon time and usually a price that is less than the purchase price. Rental periods are typically 30, 60, or 90 days. Once the rental period has ended you return the book to the original owner.

Ebook - Sent to you in digital format and downloaded to a reading device (such as kindle) or a computer. Ebooks are often less expensive than actual physical textbooks and can sometimes be purchased one chapter at a time.

International - Most often a soft cover version of the US textbook with the same name. Although international editions can be much less expensive than their hardcover US counterparts, they also frequently do not contain supplemental materials such as study guides and CD ROMs, so check carefully before purchasing if these items are needed for your class.

Instructors - Same as student edition of the textbook but also contains additional notes and answers.

Solution - This is usually a manual that accompanies a specific textbook and gives detailed and complete solutions to some of the exercises and test questions in the text.

Delivery time - How fast will your book get to you? If you need a textbook by a specific date, be sure to filter your choices by delivery time. This will allow you to only see prices from the stores that can get the book to you by the time you need it.

To use the filters just check the box next to the type of books you want to see. If you don't want to see prices for a particular format of book, uncheck the box next to the format name.

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