Congratulations to the winner of the drawing and thanks to all who participated. User feedback is very important to us we appreciate people taking the time to complete the survey.

In our survey, 27% of responders were already using Ebooks, and 40% planned on using them in the future.

People using Ebooks found portability and convenience to be a big bonus, because they can store multiple large books on one small device. Ebooks were also perceived by some to be less expensive than traditional textbooks.

The majority of responders were still partial to traditional paper textbooks for a wide variety of reasons. Traditional textbooks are cost effective because you can buy them used and sell back at the end of the semester. Many found reading print on paper to better for their eyes than on a screen, and also felt it was easier to highlight and annotate on paper copies. Others said they like to use their textbook and computer at the same time so Ebooks were difficult to manage, and some just liked the feel and nostalgia of good old books.

The surprising response was the fairly large number of people who were unaware of Ebooks, or who wanted to purchase Ebooks but could not because their course materials were not available in Ebook format.

In summary, we found there are a lot of people out there that are interested in Ebooks and would like to try them, but they have yet to be adopted on a large scale by the colleges and universities and their students.

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