Get more cash for your textbooks with the buyback search. Did you know there are over 25 online buyback stores that will buy your used textbooks? Many of these online stores offer more cash than the school bookstore, and free shipping to get the books to them! Our search allows you to see prices from all the buyback stores currently buying your exact textbook on one page.

Try it out here:

All you need to do is enter a valid 10 digit or 13 digit ISBN in the search box. A book's buyback page should look like this:

We have added several new stores to the search recently, giving you the most complete results possible. You can also see store reviews and leave a review of your own right from the buyback price page.

For more information about the process, read below for a few commonly asked textbook buyback questions answered by some of our favorite buyback partners. Please note that each buyback store's policies differ, and you can find the policies for each store by clicking on the "info" link next to their name from a buyback price page like this:

Q: What percentage of retail price do you pay for student's used textbooks?

A: It varies a lot, but for popular books we pay approximately 50% of the list price.
First Class Books,, buying used textbooks since 1997 in the retail stores, and since 2008 online at

Q: What is the best way for someone to send you a book they are selling back?

A: USPS Media Mail – and it's free for the customer.
Fair Books,, buying used textbooks since January of 2010

Q: What is the most common reason you can not pay someone for a book they send in?

A: It is the wrong ISBN - This usually happens when there is a ISBN barcode sticker over the original barcode on the the back of the book. You can verify the correct ISBN on the copyright page. In this case, the payment is adjusted for the correct ISBN.
First Class Books,

Q: After you quote the selling price, how long does someone have to send the book in?

A: The free shipping label is good for 7 days, we allow 3 weeks for receipt.
Ecampus,, buying used textbooks for 10 years

Q: How long does it take to get paid?

A: Generally about 2 weeks, although occasionally longer depending on how fast the Post Office gets the books to us/gets the check out.
Fair Books, ... 3218665068

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