Want to know if you’ll get the access codes when you rent textbooks? Direct Textbook has the answer

Do rental textbooks come with access codes? Many of our users have asked the question. Of course, renting textbooks is a great way to save money on college without missing out on required course material. Some of that material is presented in an online format, available via access codes.

The answer? Maybe, maybe not. Unfortunately, there is no standard access code policy when it comes to rental textbooks. Some have them, some do not. This is because a rental textbook is a used textbook, and if the original buyer (or anyone else who had the book) previously used the access code it will no longer work. Publishers only make access codes available to one user.

None of the major online textbook rental companies compared by Direct Textbook guarantee that access codes will be included in their rental textbooks. Those include Chegg, BookRenter, CampusBookRentals, Half.com, Amazon, and Textbooks.com.
This isn’t to say renting textbooks won’t work for you. If you’re taking a course that requires access to online materials, you can still rent textbooks. Compare textbook rental listings to see if any offer working access codes, or search Direct Textbook for the books with the access codes. If you can’t find any rentals that include access codes, in many cases you can purchase access codes separately from the textbooks.

Access codes or not, renting textbooks can save you money – even if you have to purchase the access codes separately. Compare the cheapest textbook rental prices at Direct Textbook.

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