Not sure which college degree is right for you? Direct Textbook lists the best degree assessment tests so you can determine which degree best-suits your interests and follow the career path of your dreams.

Can't decide which degree to pursue? It's a common problem among college students who want to lay the foundation for fulfilling careers. Get a head start on the path to success by taking the following college degree tests, which will help you identify your interests, choose a matching career, and pick the degree that will help you achieve your college and career goals.

This well-known career aptitude test takes just 15 minutes to complete online, yet is backed by years of psychological research to help match students to favorable career paths. You can get a free assessment or pay $120 for the comprehensive MAPP package; in addition, many high schools and colleges offer the test at a reduced rate.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment is a 93-question test designed to determine your personality type, which can then be used to identify which careers and applicable degrees might best suit your personality. You can take the test online for $50.

Strong Interest Inventory
Based on John Holland's psychology-based research, the Strong Interest Inventory seeks to identify your career interests so you can determine the most appropriate college degree to pursue. An individual test is $16, and an optional user's guide is available for $33. If you want to test the waters, offers a free assessment based on Holland's codes.

Rasmussen College Career Aptitude Test
Move the "skill sliders" to generate a list of careers you might be interested in so you can earn the appropriate degree. You can also filter results by salary, expected growth, and education.

Marquette University Choose Your Major Quiz
A brief quiz that will help you choose a college major that aligns with your interests and lifestyle.

Loyola University What's My Major Quiz
Automatically analyze your responses to 34 questions to find a college major that fits you.

Saint Louis University Majors Quiz
Similar to the other college website quizzes listed here, this short assessment attempts to identify which degree you should pursue.

CollegeBoard MyRoad
This fee-based program is more than a singular quiz; once you take its assessment and choose your degree, it provides research tools so you can find the most suitable college. CollegeBoard MyRoad is free for PSAT/NMSQT-takers.

Take the MyMajors quiz to see suggested career path matches, which will dictate the degree you need, as well as colleges that might be good fits.

Career Key Test
Helps you assess your strengths and apply them to a career path, major, and study program. College Major Quiz
An online quiz that will help you consider how your personality applies to career happiness; potential majors are suggested when you complete the assessment.

What Career Is Right For Me?
This free online test helps you identify potential careers, which you need to know in order to select an appropriate degree

Keep in mind your high school or college offers additional resources, often free or for reduced fees, including Focus-2, TypeFocus, and career/degree advisement.

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