The LSAT (Law School Admission Test), administered by The Law School Admission Council, requires ample preparation not only to pass, but to earn a high-level score that will make you attractive to the most prestigious law schools – or, at least, the law school of your choice – in addition to opening the gates to scholarship funds. Hundreds, if not thousands, of books and online study guides promise to help you pass the LSAT; however, efficient studying is key to a high LSAT score. That means you need to focus your time studying only the best LSAT prep books and online courses.

Each LSAT preparation resource features its own unique presentation, strengths, and weaknesses; and every law student has a preferred style of learning. Thus, listing the absolute best LSAT prep books and online courses is somewhat subjective. Still, consumer reviews from sellers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Good Reads along with law student, attorney, and law professor reviews from sites such as Top Law Schools, College Confidential, and Law School Discussion lend insight into which books and online courses are best for specific LSAT prep subjects as well as your own preferred style of learning. The following lists the best LSAT prep books and online courses based on reviews made by the collective college law community.

The best LSAT prep books

Which LSAT prep book should you buy? The answer depends on your academic strengths and weaknesses, on your time and financial budgets, and even on how you learn. Determining those are up to you; however, the following list of LSAT prep books will help you find the perfect LSAT study guides for you.

Best all-in-one LSAT prep book

Nova's Master the LSAT by Jeff Kolby
If you want an all-around LSAT study guide compiled into a single book, Master the LSAT is the book for you. This mammoth 560-page volume covers all sections of the LSAT exam and exposes you to real LSAT questions (many other LSAT books do not include real LSAT questions). You can get it in paperback or, optionally, with an accompanying CD-ROM that includes digital LSAT study materials.

Best LSAT prep book series

PowerScore LSAT Bibles
For a more comprehensive look at each individual LSAT section, you can't go wrong with PowerScore's LSAT Bible series. The PowerScore LSAT Bible series is almost universally regarded as the best LSAT prep book series because they don't just cover what's on the LSAT, they provide critical test-taking guidelines to help you quickly eliminate wrong choices and properly manage your time during the test in order to achieve a better LSAT score. The series includes the PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible, the PowerScore LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible, and the PowerScore LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible.

Best LSAT Analytical Reasoning (Logic Games) Prep Books

PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible
As noted, the entire PowerScore series is collectively considered the best LSAT preparation. This book walks you through real LSAT logic games and helps you efficiently identify the correct answers when test time arrives.

Manhattan LSAT Logic Games Strategy Guide
Similar to PowerScore, Manhattan publishes an LSAT prep book series. Most reviews indicate that both Manhattan and PowerScore LSAT prep book series are excellent study guides, and that each is better in some areas than the other. The most commonly-cited advice is to purchase both the Manhattan and PowerScore series. While the PowerScore series is generally regarded as being more comprehensive, the Manhattan series' strength is in its in-and-out methodology.

Best LSAT Logical Reasoning Prep Books

PowerScore LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible

The vast majority of the LSAT is concerned with logic, a trait all attorneys must excel at. PowerScore's proven logic learning model has earned high praise because it incorporate tons of drills designed to help you become a faster, more accurate test-taker and offers more than 100 real LSAT questions.

Manhattan LSAT Logical Reasoning Strategy Guide
Again, Manhattan's volume comes in as a close second to PowerScore – and for the very same reasons. Manhattan's Logical Reasons Strategy Guide is often regarded as the best LSAT prep book in the Manhattan series; still, your best bet is to use it to augment the PowerScore series.

Best LSAT Reading Comprehension Prep Books

Manhattan LSAT Reading Comprehension Strategy Guide
It would seem we're partial to PowerScore and Manhattan LSAT prep books, but the fact is these are by far the most highly-regarded LSAT prep book series on the market. In this example, PowerScore is again the most comprehensive book while the Manhattan version allows for more flexibility in your learning style.

PowerScore LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible
Adapted directly from PowerScore's live LSAT training course, the PowerScore LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible helps you break down passages so you can understand, specifically, what is being asked and then use your powers of logic to come to an accurate conclusion. This particular book isn't as well-reviewed as its counterparts, but it remains a staple LSAT learning guide that is second only to the Manhattan volume.

Best LSAT Writing Sample Prep Book

Though Kaplan publishes an LSAT writing sample book, it's fair to say you shouldn't waste your time or money preparing for the LSAT writing sample. The sample is not scored and will not affect the outcome of your total LSAT score. It does accompany your LSAT score to prospective law schools; however, the role it plays in admissions is somewhat dubious and it's been postulated that it only comes into play when schools have to choose who makes the “final cut.” That is to say, if you focus on earning a greater overall LSAT score, your writing sample will never come into play. Plus, most law schools will expect you to submit admissions essays according to their guidelines – and that's what they'll be concerned with. If you still feel you'll struggle with the writing component of the LSAT, you're better off buying a book about essay writing.

Best Short LSAT Prep Book

Cheating the LSAT: The Fox Test Prep Guide to a Real LSAT, Volume I
While the other LSAT prep books boast 500 pages or more, Cheating the LSAT comes in at a comparatively thin 137 pages. That doesn't make this book any less valuable; the author takes a unique and irreverent approach to explaining the LSAT by cutting out the jargon and examining explanations for the actual October 2010 LSAT in its entirety.

Best LSAT Practice Test

10 New Actual, Official LSAT Prep Tests with Comparative Reading
Many LSAT-takers have reported that the single best thing you can do to prepare for the LSAT is to take practices tests, and lots of them. The best LSAT practice test books are those that are real past LSAT exams. Go straight to the source with this collection of ten real past tests, published by the Law School Admission Council itself.

Best LSAT Online Courses

Blueprint LSAT Prep Online Course
If you're looking for an online LSAT prep course that is flexible enough to work around your schedule and even strives to entertain while it teaches, Blueprint is second-to-none. Blueprint and Manhattan both earn excellent reviews, but only Blueprint delivers pre-recorded materials so you can study on your own time. That makes the course perfect if you have the dedication to log on and learn.

Manhattan Live LSAT Prep Online Course
Manhattan's online course is as highly-regarded as Blueprint's; the programs have a single striking difference that makes each more appropriate for different learning styles. Whereas Blueprint delivers recorded classes, Manhattan conducts live classes in real-time. That gives you the ability to get instant feedback from your instructor and adds a level of accountability for coursework; however, it does mean you have to be available at set class times.

The best LSAT prep books versus the best LSAT prep for you

Not all LSAT prep books are created equal, and you might be comfortable with the teaching style afforded by one and not another. Still, there are very clear and distinct winners when it comes to a common consensus for excellent LSAT preparation. The books, practice tests, and online courses listed here will no doubt lend the tools you need to excel on the LSAT. Finally, be sure to get the lowest price for your LSAT prep books by searching each title on Direct Textbook, a comprehensive online book search engine that instantly compares real-time prices from dozens of popular booksellers.

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