Want to cash in on your used books? Direct Textbook shows you how

How do you sell books? It’s one of the most commonly-asked questions we receive from our users. It’s a great question, too: while many people know Direct Textbook helps you get the best deals when buying or renting textbooks, most don’t know how to sell their textbooks and other used books when they’re done with them. The following guide offers a comprehensive overview of bookselling options, where to sell books, and how to determine book values so you can make the most money for your used books.

Assessing your books

Successfully selling books begins with knowing exactly what books you have; not just in terms of title but also date of publication, historical significance (if any), and condition. Here’s what you need to know... more »
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BookSeller turns your iPhone or Android smartphone into an ISBN barcode scanner and instantly connects you with the top-paying textbook buyback companies

You know Direct Textbook helps you get the lowest textbook prices, but when the semester is over how can you sell your used textbooks for the highest possible prices? Enter BookSeller, a free app for iOS and Android devices that lets you scan your textbook ISBN barcodes and instantly compare buyback offers from the highest-paying online textbook buyers.

Developed by Flipsy.com, a subsidiary of Direct Textbook, BookSeller works by turning your iPhone, iPad, or Android device into an ISBN barcode scanner that identifies your textbooks and then searches dozens of Trust Verified online textbo... more »
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Shipping is always a consideration when you buy and sell used books via online platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, and Chegg; you want to make sure shipping payment responsibilities are clearly defined between the buyer and seller in order to ensure a fair price for your books. Fortunately, most carriers make shipping to U.S.-based buyers simple and straight-forward – but what about shipping to our friends up north? Are there duty fees? Exchange rates? Can all stores ship to Canada? The following examines major vendors' policies and associated fees for shipping from the United States to Canada.


Amazon's International Shipping Page indicates that the company estimates import fee deposits at checkout and provides customs clearance for its buyers and sellers. According to Amazon's... more »
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As if tuition and living expenses weren't enough financial stress for college students, the escalating prices of textbooks can be enough to keep students up at night worrying about how they're going to pay for their educations. Since 1978, the average price of textbooks has increased by 182%, which means the average 4-year college student faces around $5,000 in textbook purchases over the course of earning a degree. Add that in with the estimated $50,000 college education price tag, and it's easy to see why the high price of new textbooks has led many students to seek cheaper alternatives.

E-textbooks and international textbooks – those originally purchased overseas, also known as softcovers – are two such alternatives. But is buying and selling international textbooks and e-textbooks legal?

Recent legal proceedings have confused students, causing many to hesitate to buy or sell used textbooks for fear they might be breaking th... more »
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