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    • December
      • Direct Textbook Adds a New Feature: Study Aids!

        Direct Textbooks is proud to announce the addition of Study Aids in our quest to continue helping students excel.

        This newest edition to Direct Textbook offers a more dynamic learning experience by providing you with videos, quizzes, digital flash cards and more to enhance you

      • Scholarship Alert: Enter the Direct Textbook Photo Essay Contest to Win Your Share of $1,750
        Direct Textbook invites you to share your story through photography in our latest scholarship contest! Enter the Direct Textbook Photo Essay Contest for a chance to win your share of $1,750 in scholarship money!

        We are seeking photo essay entries on the topic “Elevate!”. All students

      • College Debt Traps: 5 Questions with Andrea Travillian

        Financial traps can put college students in debt for years. Expert financial coach and author Andrea Travillian shares tips for avoiding common mistakes in this Direct Textbook QnA.

        Debt is a fact of life for most college students, but the real impact of your student loans won

      • Direct Textbook Now Checks Buyback Offers From!

        Direct Textbook has added to our list of buyback vendors. Now, when you search for the highest textbook buyback prices on Direct Textbook, results from will be included in the results.

        We are also excited to announce that Textbook Dollar

    • November
      • A New Filter For Access Codes!

        Direct Textbook adds access code filters to make your search even easier.

        Access codes are a major pain point when buying textbooks. If you are unfamiliar with access codes you can read this post. In short they are a code that gives one person access to a set of web tools. Som

      • Direct Textbook Cash Back: The Free, Easy Way to Save Money

        Don't forget about Direct Textbook's Cash Back Program, a simple way to save money on textbook purchases.

        Have you heard about the Direct Textbook Cash Back Program? It's a free, easy way to save money that pays you up to ten percent in cash for every textbook y

      • As Textbook Prices Inflate, Where Can You Get the Best Bargain?

        Direct Textbook explains why textbooks keep getting more expensive and how to get steep textbook discounts.

        Everyone knows textbooks keep getting more expensive, but have you ever wondered what unique market conditions have led to such inflated pricing? A report published by t

      • More publishers, More prices, More better!

        Direct Textbook just added four more publishers to the DT book search and price comparison. Now you can find availability and prices for the following publishers:

        All four are part of the Direct Textbook customer rewards program. That means you can get up to 10% cash back on y

    • October
      • Top 5 Textbook Coupons Right Now
        Save money on textbooks with these five coupons available now.

        We've scoured the web for the top five textbook coupons available right now, and here's what we found:

        eCampus: Get $5 off orders of $100 or more with coupon code ECAMPUS5 (expires 12/31/15)


      • 10 Books Every Biology Major Should Read

        No biology major should miss reading these ten quintessential tomes, each representing unique and groundbreaking perspectives on the field of biology.

        If you're a biology major, you'll need more than classes and professor-assigned textbooks to earn a comprehensive ed

      • Where Do I Enter My Coupon Code For

        Direct Textbook offers a quick guide to help you find your coupon and learn how to apply it.

        Here's what to do:

      • Need Help Entering Your Coupon Code For BiggerBooks.Com?

        Direct Textbook offers a quick guide to help you find your coupon and learn how to apply it.

        Here's what to do:

    • September
    • August
      • What’s With All These Ebook Formats?
        EPUB, MOBI, AZW, PDF… what's the difference between ebook formats, and what do they mean to you?

        If you've ever tried to research the difference between ebook formats, you've probably noticed most explanations are heavy on technical jargon and light on plain English. They

      • Direct Textbook Referral Program Pays You to Save Your Friends Money
        Get paid to save your friends money with the Direct Textbook Referral Program - yet another way it pays to use Direct Textbook

        Get paid to help your friends save money - that's the premise behind the Direct Textbook Referral Program, which pays you cash simply for showing your friend

      • Fall Semester Is Coming, Are You Ready?
        Direct Textbook gets you prepared for fall semester with early-bird textbook savings, coupons, scholarships, and even cash back

        Fall semester is right around the corner, and you can prepare with Direct Textbook's suite of free tools designed to help you save money on textbooks, apply

      • How to Order Textbooks in Bulk
        Direct Textbook reveals bulk textbook ordering options to help you save money on volume purchases

        At Direct Textbook we're sometimes asked how customers can order textbooks in bulk. Such requests are often made by school purchasing managers, librarians, clinic directors, and others w

    • July
      • Top Quizzes for Choosing Your Degree
        Not sure which college degree is right for you? Direct Textbook lists the best degree assessment tests so you can determine which degree best-suits your interests and follow the career path of your dreams.

        Can't decide which degree to pursue? It's a common problem among college

      • Can a Sleep Cycle App Improve Your GPA?

        Can you get better grades by using a sleep cycle app? Direct Textbook investigates

        What if you could download an app that helps you sleep your way to acing your final exam? It might be possible; after all, studies have proven a strong correlation between healthy sleeping habit

      • Amazon Smile option added! Now buying your textbooks can benefit your charity

        Direct Textbook now integrates with Amazon Smile, which donates a portion of all your Amazon textbook purchases to your favorite charity

        Save the world, one textbook at a time. That's the premise behind Direct Textbook's new integration with Amazon Smile, a program t

      • Where Can I Get A Desk Copy of My Textbook?
        Having trouble finding a desk copy of the textbook you need? can help

        If you're a college instructor seeking a textbook desk copy you've probably found they're hard to come by. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find a vendor who sells textbook desk c

      • Scholarship Alert: Enter the Direct Textbook Essay Contest to Win Your Share of $4750!
        Direct Textbook is awarding 3 college scholarships totaling $4750 to the top essays written on the question:

        "What is compromise and how do you know when to compromise and when not to compromise? If you think you should never compromise explain why."

        Can you write a c

    • June
      • Top 5 Free Apps for College Finances
        College is expensive, particularly for students on tight budgets; these free apps will help you manage your money – and even make a few dollars while you’re at it

        Expensive tuition, textbooks, room and board – not to mention occasional entertainment – means shoestring budgets exem

      • Cheap Books Make Priceless Father’s Day Gifts
        Need the perfect budget-friendly gift for Father’s Day? Use Direct Textbook to get a meaningful gift at the best price!

        If you want to give your dad a meaningful Father’s Day gift he’ll truly appreciate and never forget, you’ve probably found that many of the best things cost the

    • May
      • School’s Out, Spring Cleaning’s In: Sell Your Old Books For Cash
        Don’t pay to throw old books away – use Direct Textbook to cash in by selling to the highest-paying buyer

        No more college and no more clutter. As spring semester comes to a close and many of us are tackling spring cleaning projects, there’s no better time than now to cash in on used

      • Can I Keep My Textbook Rental?
        Want to keep your rented textbook once the rental period expires? shows you how to buy your textbook rentals at reduced prices from popular vendors such as Chegg, BookRenter, and CampusBookRentals

        Renting textbooks can be a great way to keep college costs down without r

    • April
      • Ace the NCLEX with the Best NCLEX Review Books
        Direct Textbook reveals the highest-rated review books for the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN to help you study to become a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse

        The NCLEX, or National Council License Examination, is the defining test for students studying to become registered nurses (RN) a

    • February
      • Help! Where Do I Return My Rental Textbook?
        Lost your textbook rental return instructions? No problem – Flipsy shows you where to return your rented textbooks so you can avoid late fees

        Textbook rentals can save a lot of cash, but they can also cost a pretty penny if you lose your return instructions and miss the deadline. Rental

      • Breeze Through College with These Online Study Options
        Direct Textbook compares the top online homework helpers, tutoring services, and study options so you can get help with tough college courses

        Whether you’re struggling with a college course or you’re stumbling over a challenging homework question, online study resources can help you f

      • How to Sell Books for Cash: A Complete Guide
        Want to cash in on your used books? Direct Textbook shows you how

        How do you sell books? It’s one of the most commonly-asked questions we receive from our users. It’s a great question, too: while many people know Direct Textbook helps you get the best deals when buying or renting text

      • Can You Rent Textbook Access Codes?
        Is it possible to save money by renting access codes instead of buying? Direct Textbook has the answer

        One question we’re commonly asked is whether students can rent textbook access codes to save money over buying. On the surface, it doesn’t seem as though renting access codes would b

    • January
      • If I Rent Textbooks Do They Include the Access Code?
        Want to know if you’ll get the access codes when you rent textbooks? Direct Textbook has the answer

        Do rental textbooks come with access codes? Many of our users have asked the question. Of course, renting textbooks is a great way to save money on college without missing out on required

  • 2014
    • December
      • Enter the Direct Textbook Photo Essay Contest to Win Your Share of $1,750
        Can you tell a compelling story through photography? Enter the Direct Textbook Photo Essay Contest for a chance to win your share of $1,750 in scholarship funds!

        Direct Textbook is seeking photo essay entries on the topic of “Expectations.” All students attending accredited U.S.-base

      • Crush the CPA Exam with the Best CPA Exam Review Books
        Direct Textbook reveals the highest-rated CPA Exam review books so you can ace the test to become a Certified Public Accountant

        The Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination, commonly referred to as the CPA Exam, essentially serves as the gateway between your education and a career

    • November
    • October
      • Direct Textbook Adds to Ebook Price Search
        10/31/14 joins the ranks of more than 20 other ebook vendors indexed on, which helps college students and others find the best prices for textbooks and other books.

        Direct Textbook now gives you more options than ever for buying textbooks and other books at the lowe

      • The Best LSAT Preparation Books: Pass the LSAT with these books
        The LSAT (Law School Admission Test), administered by The Law School Admission Council, requires ample preparation not only to pass, but to earn a high-level score that will make you attractive to the most prestigious law schools – or, at least, the law school of your choice – in addition to ope

      • How to Ace The USMLE: The Best USMLE Prep Books
        The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) is the most important series of tests medical students and residents will ever take. Performance on the USMLE not only dictates whether students will graduate from medical school, but also which residencies and medical career fields they’re q

      • What Are The Best Books For MCAT Preparation?

        The MCAT, or Medical College Admission Test, has long been a source of stress for aspiring medical students. The notorious test is designed to measure academic readiness for medical school and is administered in three sections: Physical Sciences, Verbal Reasoning, and Biological Sciences

    • August
      • Shipping Books From The U.S. To Canada
        Shipping is always a consideration when you buy and sell used books via online platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, and Chegg; you want to make sure shipping payment responsibilities are clearly defined between the buyer and seller in order to ensure a fair price for your books. Fortunately, most carrier

      • Scan Your Way To Cheap Textbooks with Our Improved App
        Get the best possible prices on textbooks faster than ever with the new and improved Direct Textbook app for iPhone and Android, which now includes a convenient barcode scanner that lets you scan textbooks with your smartphone and instantly compare prices from more than 200 bookstores. Once you find

      • Learning With Ebooks: Help Or Hindrance?
        There's no question ebooks are becoming popular among students and educators alike. Touted as cheaper, lighter, and feature-packed alternatives to expensive textbooks, ebooks are taking classrooms by storm across all levels of education, from elementary school to graduate school. Even librarian

    • July
      • Buy Textbooks Online, Get Cash Back
        You know you need to buy textbooks for your college courses; you might also know that Direct Textbook's powerful search engine can save you money by finding the best deals on new and used textbooks. But did you know you can also earn cash back for your new and used textbook purchases simply by

      • Do You Actually Own The Ebooks You Pay For?
        Ebooks have become a popular way to save money on college textbook expenses; but do you actually own the ebooks you pay for? The answer might surprise you.

        The fact of the matter is that when you pay for an ebook, you might not necessarily be purchasing the textbook outright. Instead, yo

      • Review Of Textbook Buying Options: 2014
        Textbook prices have skyrocketed in recent years, outpacing even the rising rates of college tuition and causing college students to seek alternative textbook sources in an effort to reduce overall education expenses. Fortunately, if you need to purchase textbooks for your college courses you have o

  • 2013
    • October
      • Demystifying Access Codes for Textbooks and College Course Materials
        Many college textbooks today come with access codes that, accordingly, grant students access to additional course materials that enhance the learning experience. At face value, the concept of access codes seems straightforward; however, when skyrocketing tuition fees, textbook prices, and other col

      • Guest Post: 4 Apps to Get Organized for Midterms and Finals
        When exam season rolls around, the last thing you want to do is scramble around to find all the info you need to study. Instead of stressing over simply getting your notes, study materials, and exam dates in order, you should concentrate on reviewing the exam material! To curb the stress that surrou

      • DT Mobilized: Mobile Website, Android App, and iPhone App Now Live
        We're happy to announce the power of DirectTextbook's 200 plus bookstore search is now available in a fast loading mobile version. No more swipe, pinch, tap, and tap again to see the lowest prices. They will now be presented to you in a format optimized for whatever screen you may have. Th

      • Quick Like a Bunny; DT Just Got a Bit Faster.
        In an effort to make your book browsing/buying/renting/selling experience a little bit better we have just rolled out some site changes that should speed things up quite a bit.

        The changes have been thoroughly tested but if you have any problems or see something we missed please let us k

    • September
      • Are Ebooks Viable Alternatives To College Textbooks?
        The popularity of digital books, particularly mainstream novels and non-fiction ebooks for popular ebook readers such as Kindle and Nook, has led to a surge in the availability of textbooks in ebook format. Yet despite the fact that etextbooks can save 50 percent or more off new hardcopy prices, man

    • August
      • Apple iBookstore, Sony Reader Store & Boundless Added to eBook Search
        DT added 3 new ebook stores (Apple iBookstore, Sony ereader store & Boundless) to its already awesome ebook search making it even awesomer.

        Happy ebook shopping!

      • Top Contests for Back-to-school
        Enter your original haiku poem that captures the essence of what the word "metamorphosis" means to you for a chance to receive one of six $500.00 scholarships from Direct Textbook.
        Due by: September 10th, 2013
        Haiku Contest Info

        Direct Textbook isnt the only student se

      • Top Textbook Coupons for Back-to-school
        We searched across the web and found what we think are the top coupons for textbooks. If we missed any great opportunities, please add it to the comments.

        Top back-to-school textbook coupons...

        BookRenter Coupon Codes: 5% Off Rentals (Expires 09/01/13)
        Use coupon code &qu

    • July
      • New To Ordering Textbooks Online? Avoid These Common Pitfalls
        If you're new to ordering textbooks online, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the plethora of online textbook ordering options available. Moreover, you might be wary of well-publicized Internet scams or wonder whether you'll truly receive the textbooks you pay for. The following prese

      • 10 Secrets for Saving Big on Textbooks
        The price of college textbooks has increased by 812 percent since 1978 – more than housing, medical care, and even college tuition. In fact, the average four-year college student can now expect to spend nearly $1,200 on textbooks; and some students might be required to spend that much in a single

      • Announcing the Haiku Scholarship Contest
        It's here again, the 2013 Haiku Scholarship Contest. There are six awards available:

        Two $500.00 Scholarships: Haikus selected by Direct Textbook.
        Two $500.00 Scholarships: Haikus with the most votes
        Two $500.00 Scholarships: Haiku entries selected at ra

      • Showing Availability for More Amazon Kindle Books
        We were only showing availability for some Amazon Kindle titles. We now display availability for all Amazon Kindle titles.

      • Bookrenter Now Offering Used Books for Sale
        Bookrenter is liquidating some of their textbook rental inventory. We just added these listings to the Direct Textbook results.

        More new listings are on their way...

      • Top 10 Back-to-school Coupons and Discounts
        We searched all over the web and have put together what we think are the top ten best coupons and special offers for textbooks. If we have missed anything please let us know by leaving a comment.

        Top 10 back-to-school coupons and discounts...

        1. CampusBookRentals: Get 7% off wi

    • June
      • 2013 Scholarship Essay Contest Now Open
        The 2013 Scholarship Essay Contest is now open. 3 cash prizes will be awarded in August, $2500 for first place, $1000 for second place, and $250 for third place.

        You can find out more and apply by visiting our scholarship page at here.

    • May
      • Direct Textbook Makes Its YouTube Debut
        We have created a couple of animated videos to illustrate the essence of what Direct Textbook is for new users. They are viewable on our new YouTube Channel.

        The first video is a brief overview of how Direct Textbook helps with all your book purchasing needs. It is intended to introduce u

    • April
      • Textbook Buying: What's Legal... and What Isn't
        As if tuition and living expenses weren't enough financial stress for college students, the escalating prices of textbooks can be enough to keep students up at night worrying about how they're going to pay for their educations. Since 1978, the average price of textbooks has increased by 18

      • Shut Eye Gone Awry - Better Sleep, Better Life (part 3 of a 3 part series)

        Part 2 of this series examined reasons why you can't sleep. Part 3 looks at what you can do to improve your sleep, and in turn have a better quality of life. This final post details exact steps you can take to manage your sleep habits, and how to be on the lookout for actions that

      • Shut Eye Gone Awry – Reasons Why You Can't Sleep (part 2 of a 3 part series)
        In Part 1 of this series it was established that getting a good night's sleep is imperative to health, happiness and personal safety, as well as academic and professional success. Part 2 of this 3-part series details why you might not be getting enough sleep, and how to find out the amount of

    • March
      • Chegg Homework Help Review
        Need homework help? Chegg's new Homework Help service promises to get the answers to your course homework questions fast – and lets you earn points toward prizes by answering other users' questions. Direct Textbook delved deep into the new Chegg Homework Help interface to find out how it

      • Shut Eye Gone Awry – How Sleep Loss Affects You (part 1 of a 3 part series)

        Getting a good night's sleep is one of the most critical aspects to professional and academic performance, health, and happiness. Unfortunately, many of us don't get enough sleep. When you don't get enough sleep, your work and school performance suffers, your health suffer

      • Direct Textbook In-Stock Notifications Get Upgraded
        Books come in all kinds of formats. Besides the standard new or used editions, you can also get eBooks, rentals, teachers editions, or international versions. Direct Textbook consolidates all these formats into one page making it as easy as possible to find the exact version of the book you want. Bu

      • Direct Textbook receives an Instalanche!

        In response to a link on Instapundit about Robert Morris University making textbooks available in their library, we mentioned our library search for any book.

        Glenn graciously mentioned Direct Textbook on his site, and we got to feel the surge of the 'Instalanche' of

    • February
      • added to our review section
        02/26/13 reviews link has been added to the Direct Textbook book page. Now you can get quick access to all the great reviews you can find on Good Reads in addition to Amazon, Powells, Barnes&Noble and AbeBooks.

        Don't know what is? Check it out

      • a new project from Direct Textbooks, Inc
        We have been working on a new project over the last few months that we are excited to share with you for the first time, Using some of the same technology and experience that makes Direct Textbook the best online book price comparison site makes it fast and easy to sell used

      • DT new feature alert: Amazon Prime now included in results
        Looking to get your book in less than 3 days? Now you can find books that qualify for Amazon's Prime service. Amazon prime is a membership service provided by Amazon that gives you free 2 day shipping on millions of books and products. In addition to free 2 day shipping, you also get access to

      • The Top 4 Sites for Online Study Help
        Getting online study help when you need it most is crucial to staying on top of your game at school. But how can you be sure you’re getting the right answers - you know, the ones your professors are looking for?

        The following sites not only give you answers straight from your textbooks

      • New feature on Direct Textbook: Look inside the book before you buy with Google Book Preview
        You can now sneak a peak inside the book with book previews through
        Google Book Search. You can also view and search the text without
        leaving Direct Textbook. This feature is not available for all books.
        If it is available you will see a Google Book Preview button under the

    • January
      • Textbook Market News
        What's happening in the wild world of textbooks?

        * Techdirt provides a good assessment of why a school district is
        switching back to print books after spending 2 million dollars on an
        e-textbook program. Learn why...

      • BISG Student preferences: ebooks, rentals and tablet
        From BISG some interesting stats...

        * preference for print over digital texts dropped from 72% in November
        2011 to 60% in late 2012.

        * satisfaction with ebooks declined in 2012,only 26% of students citing
        they were “very satisfied” with their digital text, down fr

      • 10% and 12% coupons expiring
        New customer 12% off and existing customer 10% off coupons expire on Friday.

      • Now searching the O'Reilly print and ebook database
        We just added the entire O'Reilly book database for both print and ebook formats.

        Direct Textbook now searches over 15 online bookstores that offer ebooks.

      • Great Deals for Back-To-School... 20% Off and Free Two-Day shipping
        Find your book with Direct Textbook and you will also find all the available coupons for that book. Here are two of the great offers you can find...

        1. 10% off for existing customers and 12% off for new customers

        Sign up for the Direct Textbook cash back program and g

      • 10 Reasons to Use Direct Textbook as Your Book Search Engine
        1. Amazon doesn't have every book in the world.

        Amazon is great. We recommend them, but they don't have every book in every format. Direct Textbook searches Amazon, plus over 50 other online bookstores and sources.

        2. Compare prices on different formats: used, new, or

  • 2012
    • December
      • Winter Photo Essay Contest - Now Open
        You could win one of six $500 prizes in our Winter photo essay contest going on now.

        To enter, submit an original picture of your favorite Winter study space.

        See details and apply here:

        Good Luck!

      • New Coupons Equal Big Savings
        We have some great new coupons for the upcoming textbook season:

        - New shoppers get 12% off books and all shoppers get 10% off books (min. order $25)

        - Students only, get free two-day shipping with the free Amazon student program

        - Alibris: R

    • October
      • Haiku Scholarship Contest Update
        The contest has wrapped up and all 6 winners have been identified. A big thank you to all who participated, we really enjoyed reading each haiku. Everyone did a great job of summarizing what the back to school season means to them.

        You can read each winning entry here: http://www.direc

    • August
      • 2012 Direct Textbook Essay Contest Update
        The winner of our 2012 back-to-school essay contest has been selected. The vast majority of the entries were well written and enjoyable to read. We really appreciate the time and effort everyone put into their essay.

        You can read the winning essay here:

      • 5 Tips to Save on Textbooks
        We have some good news and some bad news. First the bad news, which you were probably already aware of, textbooks are an every growing part of the expense of college. Now the the good news, competition in the online used and rental textbook market can help you save 50-90% on your books.

      • Facebook Drawing - New Winner
        Congratulations to Claudia R., she is our newest Facebook drawing winner for $100!

        If you want to enter our Facebook drawing and have the chance to win $100 like Claudia, just post the amount of your savings using to our Facebook wall. You will be automatically entered

      • Scholarship Update + 6 New Scholarships
        We are happy to let you know we now have 6 more scholarship opportunities available. Enter the 2012 Direct Textbook Back-to-School Haiku Scholarship Contest for an opportunity to win one of six $500.00 cash awards.

        Learn more about the contest here:
    • July
      • New Coupons
        We just added two very good coupons.

        15% off with a $50.00 minimum purchase and a max discount of $50.00 for new customers
        Coupon Code: HALFBTS15

        12% off with a $50.00 minimum purchase and a max discount of $50.00 for existing customers

      • Ebook Search Now Includes Kobo Ebooks
        We just added Kobo ebooks to our search.

        This means we now search for available ebook inventory on all three major ereaders (Kindle, Nook and Kobo). We also search more than 20 other bookstores that offer ebooks for use on computers, tablets and smartphones.

        If you want to know

      • New Facebook Drawing Winner this Week
        Kristin M. is our most recent winner of the $100 Direct Textbook Facebook drawing. She saved $31.25 on her books just by searching on

        To enter the drawing post the amount of your savings using the site to our Facebook wall. It could mean $100 in your pocket!
      • 2012 Scholarship Essay Contest Closes Sunday!
        This week is the last call for anyone who wants to participate in our 2012 scholarship essay contest. Grand prize is $2500 and runner up is $1000.

        Find all the details and application here:

        We look for

      • New Facebook Drawing Winner
        Jose M. won $100 in our July 3rd Facebook drawing, congratulations!

        You can enter to win your own $100 prize by posting the amount of savings you got using our Facebook page here:

        Best of luck!

    • June
      • New Site Design
        06/25/12 got a new look and feel over the weekend with an updated site design. You will still find all your favorite tools and features on the site, just with a little different look.

        If you have thoughts or concerns about the new design, please send us an email at service@dir

      • Facebook Drawing Update
        Congratulations to Michelle S., this week's winner in our $100 Facebook drawing. She won $100 and you could too! All you need to do is post the amount of your savings using on our Facebook wall, and you are entered to win. Good luck! Facebook P

      • Online Buyback Stores - Who Does it Best?
        A few weeks ago we posted about our experience selling used textbooks back to online stores. Below is an update to that post, showing which stores we actually used, and what our experience was when selling our books to these stores.

        • (trade in): 9 books total sold, 4 were re

      • Trade your used books for extra cash
        Old textbooks lying around? Use the buyback price comparison to get the most cash for your used books. Just enter the ISBN number of the book or books you have to sell into our buyback search, and we will show you the highest price from over 20 online stores.

        Search for

      • Facebook Drawing Winner Update
        Raul R. won $100 in our facebook drawing this week. Congratulations! Next drawing is June 19th.

        You can enter by posting to our facebook page the amount of savings you got on textbooks by using Good luck!

    • May
      • 2012 Essay Contest Scholarship
        Our 2012 essay contest scholarship has arrived and we are now accepting applications.

        This year we increased the prize amounts and added a 3rd place prize.

        You can find all the details and the application form using the link below:

      • Exclusive coupon from
        05/24/12 gave us an exclusive coupon, and it is good until the end of May. See details below and get your savings today!

        Use coupon code directtextbookHalf12 to get 12% off books (offer expires 05/31/2012. Max discount $25.)

      • Get your books for less with these coupons
        Save even more money on your upcoming book purchases by combining the 200+ online bookstore price comparison with bookstore coupons. Find the best price for your book and any applicable coupons in one search.

        A few of the coupons currently available:

        - Save

      • Facebook Drawing - Winner Update
        Congratulations to Christina B for winning $100 in our Facebook drawing this week. Remember you can't win if you don't participate! All you need to do is post on our Facebook page how much you saved on textbooks using Good luck!

      • Are your old textbooks weighing you down?
        Do you have textbooks you no longer need? You probably know you can sell your unwanted books back to the school bookstore and pocket some change, but did you know how much more you can pocket from selling them online?

        It’s not a difficult thing to do. It doesn’t take much more than s

      • Facebook Drawing - Winner Update
        Ariel Sue J. won a cool $100 in our May 1st Facebook drawing. Congratulations! Thanks to all who participated and the next drawing will be held May 15th.

        To participate, post the amount of your savings using on our facebook wall here:


    • April
      • Get the best price for your used books
        The time to sell used textbooks is fast approaching. Using Direct Textbook's buyback price comparison search allows you to see the buyback prices from over 25 online stores and find the best price for your book.

        To find all the online stores currently buying your book just enter the

      • New Facebook Drawing Winner Today
        Congratulations to Benjamin R., winner of the April 17th Facebook drawing.

        Benjamin won $100 just for posting the amount of his savings using on our Facebook wall, and you can too. Next drawing is May 1st. Good luck!

      • Save even more on your books with these coupons
        We have over 20 coupons up on on the site right now that can help you save even more on your book purchases. Here are some highlights:

        • Get $5 off orders over $100

        • Get 7% off any order

        • Get $20 o

      • Facebook Drawing - Winner Update
        Congratulations to Christopher M., who won $100 in our April 3rd Facebook drawing. We really appreciate everyone's participation and enjoy reading about your savings. Next drawing is April 17th.

        To enter simply post on our Direct Textbook Facebook page how much you saved on textb

  • 2011
    • September
      • 2011 Haiku Scholarship Winners
        The following winners have been selected in the haiku scholarship contest.

        First random drawing $500
        Camill F. read this haiku

        Second random drawing $500
        Jessica S. read this haiku

        First weekly winner with most votes $100

      • Back-to-School Haiku Contest Update
        The haiku contest is now closed. We would like to say thank you to everyone who participated, and we really enjoyed reading the entries.

        We will let you know who the winning entries are on or before September 30th. Good luck!

    • August
      • Top 10 back-to-school Coupons and Discounts
        Top 10 back-to-school Coupons and Discounts

        We searched high and low across the web and found what we think are the top ten best coupons and special offers for textbooks. If we missed anything please add it to the comments.

        With out further adieu here are the top 10...
      • Back-to-school Contest Round Up
        Below are back-to-school contests and promotions being run by some of the 200+ online bookstores we search on our site.

        Check them out and good luck!

        $3000 dorm room makeover
        Buy or rent books from, then post your savings on their facebook wall

      • Scholarship Winner Selected
        We selected the winner of the 2011 essay contest. You can read the winning essay here

        Thanks to everyone that participated! We had over 7000 entries so the selection process was not easy and we received some outst

      • Get updated bookstore coupons at
        A quick note to let you know we've just posted some really good coupons and deals to help you save money on upcoming book purchases.

        When you search for a book on, we show you prices and available coupons from over 200 bookstores. See an example here:

    • July
      • Buy or rent ebooks and etextbooks for the Kindle and other ereaders
        You can now rent or purchase some popular textbook titles for Amazon's Kindle.
        If a Kindle version of a book or textbook is available for rent or sale we display a message in our search results. We cannot display the rental price or for sale price, you will need to click through to Amazon

      • Filter Prices by Book Format on
        While buying textbooks online can save you a great deal it can be difficult to determine which book will meet your needs. If you look at the listing for this popular textbook College Algebra in Context you will see in the left hand column where it says "Displaying" that we show 7 different

      • Essay Contest Scholarship 2011
        07/05/11 is having an essay contest scholarship for Fall 2011. First prize is $1000 and the runner up gets $250. To see eligibility requirements and apply for the scholarship use the link below.

        Applications will no long

    • June
      • Summary of Ebook Survey Results
        Congratulations to the winner of the drawing and thanks to all who participated. User feedback is very important to us we appreciate people taking the time to complete the survey.

        In our survey, 27% of responders were already using Ebooks, and 40% planned on using them in the future.
      • Coupon and Deal Roundup
        Summer is a great time to start saving! helps you save both time and money on your next book purchase.

        First, we give you the ability to compare all available online store prices for your particular book on one page. Looking for a used book, rental, or Ebook? We sho

      • Ebook survey enters you to win $250!
        Direct Textbook would like to hear your thoughts regarding Ebooks. Whether you have used them or not we want your feedback. We have put together a quick, simple Ebook survey here:

        Complete the survey and you will be entered into a June 10th

    • May
      • customer rewards give you cash back
        We are excited to introduce our new customer rewards program. The program allows you to earn cash back on textbook purchases from over 10 online stores. You can sign up for a free account here...

        We are also using the program to e

    • April
      • Get more cash for your used textbooks from
        Get more cash for your textbooks with the buyback search. Did you know there are over 25 online buyback stores that will buy your used textbooks? Many of these online stores offer more cash than the school bookstore, and free shipping to get the books to them! Our search allows yo

      • Buyback Coupon - Get 10% more from!
        Get 10% more for your textbook buyback sale of $100 or more. Use coupon PLUS10 at checkout at Coupon expires May 31st 2011

      • Summer Vacation Giveaway from Valore
        One of our textbook partners,, is having a summer vacation giveaway. You can win some really great prizes and no purchase is necessary to win. Check out their facebook page here to enter. Good luck!

      • Textbook reviews wanted!
        We need your help to get the word out on what you thought of your textbooks this year. Student reviews of their textbooks help professors and other instructors know which books helped people learn, and which did not have value. If you have an opinion about any of the textbooks you used this year,

      • Hello from Direct Textbook!
        Welcome to our blog. We will be using this blog to let our visitors know about all the good stuff we have going on in the future.

        We will posting site updates, special coupons, contests, scholarships, and requests for user feedback. Let us know if there is anything in particular you w